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Tips to Supercharge your Business Negotiation Teams

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It’s really not that difficult to help you business thrive. As long as you have a competent team by your side, everything should work out just fine. In order to achieve success, companies need negotiators. Skilled individuals and smart leaders who are also great coaches are compulsory.


Supercharging your business with tasks and negotiations is an excellent way to motivate your team. The more they work the greater the results, so it’s definitely a tactic you should have in mind.

Tip1: Keep your team close

Every company should keep its negotiation team in the middle of the action. Being aware of everything that’s happening will allow them to develop great plans. There’s no doubt that proper negotiation skills are the key to worldwide recognition, but for that to happen you need to supercharge your negotiation team and make them work really hard. Keep them close to you and look for smart ways to challenge their judgment.

Tip2: Assigning tasks

Try to avoid micromanaging, because your company will do so much better if you hire individuals that are more intelligent than you or more experienced. Put together a team of great, hardworking, and dedicated people, who know what they’re doing, and then assign each one of them different tasks. The best way to benefit from excellent results from your business team is to encourage them to work. In the end, they will develop the experience to represent your company and win major negotiations.

Tip3: Know your team

Every business leader, company boss, or manager should know his negotiation team. Prior to assigning them any task, it’s critical to know both their strengths and weaknesses. You can’t send them to close deals without being sure they will do a great job. For this to happen, they must know what they’re talking about. The best way to know your team is by coaching them. A word of advice: don’t push them too hard as you don’t want to break them. Every negotiator has his limits, and supercharging them with tasks and projects can do more harm than good.

Tip 4: Select the right leader

You can’t be a great leader and do most of the work within a company. Salespeople are in charge of customer negotiations. Nonetheless, you can’t always rely on average people to do the job for you; for this you need a good leader, a leader who can control and motivate your negotiation teams. Even if a leader doesn’t show up in a negotiation, he is still the brain of the whole process. Because of his coaching abilities the team will succeed and close the deal.

Tip 5: Encourage creative thinking

The best way to motivate your business negotiation team is by allowing them to think freely. Encourage them to come up with their own strategies, appeal to their intellect, and work out a brain storming session that will dazzle your client. Researching ideas, analyzing counterparts, looking at the numbers, and coming up with a great plan will eventually help you achieve success. Ending up with the biggest share of the prize at the end of a negotiation is key, so you might want to have that goal in mind all the time.

Tip 6: Always have a 2nd set of eyes

Where you’re dealing with millions of dollars, the variety of stirring parts in a business negotiation could easily create a heavy mass. A 2nd set of eyes in your negotiation team will probably save you a lot of money. Someone new to the team can spot issues that others overlooked, so you might want to have that in mind.

Tip 7: Nothing should surprise you

Just because you have an excellent negotiation team it doesn’t mean your counterpart hasn’t done the exact same thing. There’s a lot of buzz in the business world about win-win solution, but to be fair nobody wants to split a deal in half. As much as we want to hide the truth and be cynical, win-win agreements are never considered a successful negotiation. In this business field, nothing should surprise you, so when your team enters that meeting they should be prepared for everything.

Used sensibly, the above mentioned tips will help you supercharge your business with great people and a plethora of original ideas. If you want to be memorable you need to have a memorable team with memorable negotiation tactics. Don’t take things for granted and always aim higher. Motivating your people and pushing them to reach higher goals will only work in the best interest of your company.

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