Can Playing Computer Games Help Eyesight To Improve?

There’s a school of thought which believes that playing computer games, far from causing the eyesight to deteriorate, can actually improve it to a large degree – that is if you have poor eyesight to begin with. Research Carried Out By A Canadian University An academic at McMaster University in Canada had come across earlier […]

One Big Web: Wi-Fi’s Move to Household Appliances

The emergence of Wi-Fi was an incredibly exciting concept, and the extent of its benefits may not yet be fully realized. Over the course of the past 25 years, Wi-Fi has found its way into a number of products, most notably in the computing and communications worlds, where almost every PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet […]

Tech News: Augmented Reality- Project Glass

Augmented reality, as opposed to virtual reality, is the connection between a virtual context and real life with real people. In virtual reality, nothing is real. Augmented reality has been a subject of fascination by many, and has made Hollywood billions of dollars. But it hasn’t stopped in the cinema, as it is a human […]

Artificial Intelligence: Impeccable Vision of Mankind

When it comes to technology, we have traveled a long road since the vintage era of ‘Abacus’ to the present age of smart phones. We have even surpassed the age of floppy disks to develop USBs and portable hard disks.  Similarly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a concept that has fascinated humans for a long […]

Are Mobile Payments the Future?

Humans are increasingly seeking flexibility. Having the world at our fingertips has never been in greater demand. From keeping up with Friends on Facebook to turning on your oven 20 minutes before you arrive home, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to make the world your oyster… through your smartphone or tablet. Don’t believe it? Take […]

How to use Telecommunications to Improve Productivity

Contemporary businesses should realize the amazing benefits of telecommunications and their potential to increase productivity. As well as offering an improved overall service to customers, your staff can be responsive and accessible no matter where they are. Far from being a device to simply make and receive calls, mobile phones have revolutionised and completely changed the ways […]

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