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Over time, many people have been able to realize that blogging is one of the best ways to make money from the internet. Blogging can leave you with enough consistent income, if you could work hard to bring your blog to the position it requires you to start making money from it. Since the past years, millions of dedicated people have emerged on the internet with their blogs focusing on some specific field of life.

Though, as a blogger, to make money might not sound easy from the start, but as you move forward to achieve your goals through hard work, the journey to blogging success would become easy. It was an article I read on a blog that motivated me to start my school teaching blog, but afterwards, I realized it wasn’t my niche or area of specialization so I started my weight watchers and bistro md blog and it has been cool blogging since then. This will actually lead us to our first tool to make money blogging.

Choose Your Area of Specialization (niche)

As we have areas of specialization in every field of life, so we do in blogging. This has its blogging term which is called “niche”.Your niche is the field of blogging you know you can focus on and forge ahead doing, without any external force.

People can’t tell you what you are best at doing; they can only motivate you to discover it! You’ll notice that when I first started blogging, I went into the wrong niche, which is teaching. I was unable to make any decent cash from it but I only began to make money from blogging when I realized that my area of specialization was actually blogging about technology. You have to choose a niche you are totally or almost obsessed with before you could make it as a blogger. And this leads us to our second point.


You’ll realize, as you go ahead, that there are several bloggers you’ll come across who have either dumped a particular blog to go for another one or changed the focus of their blogs. This happens in blogging when a blogger cannot find enough obsession for a particular niche he’s blogging about.

Make sure you are obsessed about whatever topic you are founding your blog on before you go ahead to found one. If it’s technology niche, go ahead; if it’s discounting and coupon creation niche, then go ahead.

Blog Traffic

A lot of people have created their blogs, but are not able to make money though it because they are not getting the right blog traffic. After creating your blog, getting traffic to it is the next step you must take before you start thinking of monetization.

If you are a focused blogger, there are many ways to build consistent traffic to your blog and that includes the following: Guest blogging, Social media marketing, commenting on other blogs in the same niche with you and finally through search engine optimization (SEO). All of the ways mentioned above can also help you optimize your blog for SEO.


After your blog must have been driving a reasonable and marketable amount of traffic, you can now start thinking of monetizing it. Before you start monetizing your blog, there are a host of factors you have to put into consideration. Before you can monetize your blog, you have to consider your audience and their needs.

A lot of people monetize their blogs in the wrong perspective and so are unable to make any reasonable amount of money from it. What are the needs of your audience? What can your audience pay someone to have and so on are what you should consider before monetizing your blog.

12 thoughts on “Tools You Need to Start Making Money Blogging

  1. Blog is about sharing your knowledge and skills with others, so you must choose a niche in which you’re specialized. Don’t choose a niche as you think it’s more profitable.

    1. Hi Aaron,

      I can’t advise better! Could you imagine the amount of blogs out there that are finally dumped because the bloggers’ dream of making money from them are not fulfilled? You stoke the right point. Thanks for your wonderful insight on this.


  2. Choosing a Niche for your blog is the most important thing! Take a niche which you like and money comes automatically!

  3. guest blogging and commenting is the best way to increase traffic to your blog. It really helps .

    1. But Search Engines can bring a lot of traffic to your site.I got above 65% traffic from Search Engines last 7 days.

  4. Niche is always preferred but not always necessary in making money online. It depends on how you target your clients and the way of monetization. And yes, many blogs (including mine) are dumped because we are focusing too much in making money out of it.

  5. I agree with the other commenters that Niche is important but Obsession, to me, is the most important of them all.

  6. Content is a king as they say. It is always important to keep your content informational to your readers. In this way your visitors will keep on coming back.

  7. Yes, we are on the same side. I’m focusing on content generation and ensure that I always come up with relevant and valuable posts. With good content, you can build a good reputation and this is a big factor in making money online…effectively!

  8. Blogging is good if you can find the right niche, also once you have built up the traffic as mentioned above adsense is really good revenue.

  9. I totally agree with you guys.Having fresh, relevant and quality contents play a big role in optimizing your blog sites. Make sure you catch the interest of your readers to keep them from visiting your site.

  10. Every aspect is important even technically with a good niche.

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