Role of Typography When Designing a Website

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When you are designing a website, you basically have to catch the reader’s and the visitor’s attention in a single blow. You might be able to give them a reason to scroll through your website by giving stylized templates and media files, but it is crucial that you also give them eye popping text to read so that they fail to stop themselves from scrolling through the content files on your website.


Typography is one major web designing element that provides the web developers with hundreds of text layout choices to choose from. It consists of enhanced text formats, face and 3D textures along with a mixture of hybrid text composition which helps in giving the website excellent content with a strong font. You can find typography on lots of websites today as it is widely used by web developers for making the website attractive and content oriented. It has normally been observed that highlighted and designer fonts are used by websites that belong to leading consumer brands and business enterprises as they have to take every possible measure to rise above the grounds for a proper recognition.

Unique Appearance

Using typography tools has its own unique appearances. It lets the web design look short and precise while other development can be done without even tampering with the quality of the fonts and the content.

White Spacing

Long paragraphs are always tiring to keep on reading and that is why, white spacing is necessary. Typography breaks the content into short paragraphs which helps the readers to carry on reading the content till the end. It also helps the web designers create custom graphic blocks and text blocks beside the content in order to make it look all the more attractive.

Straightforward Layout

Typography gives the websites a straightforward layout which helps them drive the attention of the readers to any paragraph or specific line that they want. The tools provided in it are very useful and lets them give 3D graphics to the font of the content for manipulating the readers.

Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Lots of business enterprises and inside meetings work on the basis of screen performances and curtain presentations that are designed using the PowerPoint application and this is where typography has a major role. Typography tools help them create custom fonts for increasing the content legibility.

Attractive Thumbnails

Typography comprises of lots of web designing faces which also includes thumbnails. These thumbnails can very easily catch the attention of the visitors as they not only add a strong detailing to the website but it also gives a proper structure and base for the long life of the website.

There are plenty of web design patterns out there and different web developers choose different means of web development as per the specific requirements of the website. Typography is indeed a remarkable tool that helps the content managers of a website to alter or edit it without interfering with the database where it is stored. All the changes are applied automatically so that there is no risk of losing the edited formats.

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