Increasing Exposure to Your Blog

Boosting your blog exposure is important for finding new customers and providing you with more advertising dollars. While it helps to often add new content to your blog, no one will be reading it if you aren’t properly marketing your blog. How can you increase exposure to your blog? Use the following five tips to […]

Maintaining a Solid Online Presence

If you are looking ways to improve your online presence, it is important to view your website and find ways to improve it. If your website is missing some critical elements, it can easily hurt your online ranking. Use these tips to improve your website ranking, and keep your target audience happy with effective content. […]

6 Practical Uses of Blogging

One of the emerging innovations in technology is blogging. The emergence of blogging started when political figures and candidates use it to express their opinions on different social issues. The blog became a news source. Another thing, blogging contains the experiences, observations and views of a writer or group of writers. Photo Credit – Langwitches Nowadays, blogging is not […]

7 Amazing WordPress Protection Tips which save your blog

WordPress in general is pretty secure platform for bloggers. As it is Open Source it is more vulnerable to hackers and there are many cases where popular blogs running on WordPress CMS have been hacked. Building and managing blogs requires lot of effort. But when all our valuable information is sucked by hackers, the time […]

How to Create a Sense of Urgency on Your Blog

While many bloggers don’t exactly articulate what it is that they expect of their blog, they would, in reality, love to be able to give every blog post of theirs the ability to inspire readers with a sense of urgency to do something positive. The technical term for it is a call to action. The […]

Guest Posting and Link Building like a Writer

As SEO’s we over think everything. We want our keyword density to be perfect, yet we have only theories as to what perfect is, or even what is acceptable. Don’t think too much about keyword density and anchor text. The best way to ruin the keyword density of an article is to think about it. […]

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