How to Boost sales via LinkedIn the most Convincing Way?

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Today more and more customers are hopping on to LinkedIn to check on the businesses, brands or your services. In the marketing scenario where social media platforms like LinkedIn are a great way to connect with prospects, making your profile look sustainable for growth makes sense.


What does your profile on LinkedIn say about you, your brand or the kind of service you promise to provide? Is your LinkedIn profile a platform that helps you enhance your credibility in sales or is it something that is constantly eating up all your sales? May be you are not realising. Building your professional reputation is a challenge and connecting with the decision-makers (your customers) is obviously a big deal!

Even if you have a huge team managing your brand sales and awareness on social media, you are certainly on your own, should we talk about building your own credibility. When you are on LinkedIn and need to make most out of it, as a business, then you definitely will need to think like a marketer.

If you are seeking tangible revenue and increasingly looking for sources of the new leads, LinkedIn is your space. However, a plain existence on this platform may not be enough. In order to let you ensure that you squeeze out most from your productivity and sales, here are the top few ideas we think we can share with you.

Know your audience first

This may sound like yet another noble advice but trust us, this is one thing that most of the businesses seem to be getting wrong. Businesses must research on their target audience or the kind of audience they are willing to reach. If they know who they want to reach, they will rather find it easy to emphasize and realise what to share and what are the kind of conversations they would like to be a part of. They will then need to structure out the strategies that they should be implementing in order to lure the prospects that they are most willingly waiting to connect.

When you are sharing articles, make sure that they are in some way or the other connected to your brand or the kind of service you provide. When you are sharing messages that are targeted, you are probably sticking to your goals in online marketing. It is also a good idea to know and keep in touch with your audience so that you can constantly and comfortably interact with them.

Get rid of the mess!

Cleaning up your profile from time to time is going to be extremely important. This is extremely important as we all know that first impressions really do matter a lot. If your LinkedIn profile is the first thing that the people are getting to see, it would very much set out your brand impression. Pick up a professional approach and ensure that you are also optimising with catchy and search worthy headlines and summary. Get into the shoes of your customers and think what they would have typed, should they be typing to search a service in your industry. However, you will also need to remember that this is not really your resume so limit yourself.

Share but with a purpose

When you are sharing something, do make sure that you have a purpose in mind. Your updates in LinkedIn are a great way to reach the people you really want to connect to. It is one of the greatest ways to stay with your prospects and customers. Right from the moment you share a link, it reaches out to your network so basically it’s you who chooses what you are going to share with your prospects or in your network there. Make it a point to update status regularly but stop before it reaches or crosses the levels of annoyance. Share things that would interest your audience and mind you, that’s a well defined purpose too!

Get engaged

If you are in LinkedIn to share your thoughts, concerns, expertise and to expand your reach, decent levels of involvement is a must; and trust us, there is really no substitute to it. With over 2 million LinkedIn groups levitating in the cyber world, you have plenty of reasons to get engaged so that you can draw an influx of your prospective customers to your business and to your social network. You can always start with your audience and the kind of groups they are willing to join. If you go beyond that, possibilities are simply limitless. Categorize the groups you intend to target and you will be able to manage the groups accordingly.

Make sure that you take out your time to respond to the concerns and questions. Once you have established self on LinkedIn, be careful about what you profess and all that you suggest. Since very soon your customers are going to start trusting your opinion and the advice you intend to share with them, do watch out for your words as one wrong step can lead to your downfall. Build relationships and not just plain social networks!

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