Designing a home office space – 5 key items

Working from home office is not the rare or quirky activity it once was – online communication has made it a sensible and practical option for millions of people. Of course, everybody’s demands and resources will be a little bit different, but it’s good to start with a solid idea of which items will be […]

5 Blogging tips for Productive Social Media Marketing

With the advent of 2015, the competition on Social media marketing will only rise. Social Media Marketing is now more than just Facebook posts and Tweets. As one gets growing with his blog, he may neglect some of the very basic tips for effective social media marketing. And even the same case can be with […]

How To Change URL from HTTP to HTTPS [A Complete WordPress Guide]

HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. HTTPS (HyperText Transport Protocol Secure) adds a secure layer over HTTP protocol.  Security is in deed a necessity everywhere, especially in internet. Thats why Google wants more SSL/HTTPS site on internet. Google is giving a Ranking boost to encourage webmasters to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. However, they are not […]

Four Plugins To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

WordPress is at least as secure as other content management systems. It’s also more popular. When hackers and cyber criminals look for vulnerabilities, it makes sense for them to focus on an application of WordPress’s popularity. It gives them the greatest chance of finding a vulnerable site. No matter how secure a default WordPress installation […]

Top 10 tips for Bloggers to start blogging

Blogging is the most popular tool for writing your own ideas and sharing your thoughts, to nameless people coming to internet. There are many things bloggers trying to do to get most out of their blog. Here are few points for bloggers Create a unique logo First of all, you need one image that represents […]

Marketing Holds Key to Successful Blogging

Once upon a time, bloggers shared interesting concepts and ideas, which were embraced for their merit; drawing loyal readers online. But as the medium explodes, with new interests emerging for personal and professional bloggers in just about every imaginable niche, further reinforcement is required to maximize your audience. Today, increasing traffic to your blog still […]

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