iPad Mini – the Next Big (but actually smaller) Thing?

By looking at the evidence and making a reasoned guess, the bets are better than even that Apple’s new iPad mini will hit store shelves before Christmas. Blogs and analysts are buzzing that the new mini-pad is designed to compete directly against Google’s Nexus 7 and the Kindle. Concrete evidence surfaced recently that Apple was […]

Chimpact: Take Control Of A Jumping Chimp

If you are interested is a fun jumping game for iOS, then Chimpact is for you. As the name implies, the player will take control of a chimp that likes to jump around and harbors a love for shiny things and of course, bananas! Read on to know more about the gameplay as well as […]

2012 Top iPad Apps and Security Issues

The iPad is one of those gadgets that have fascinated the world over with its many features and the users are on to the verge of buying the new iPad for using the apps and the features the gadget provides. iPad came in with a very basic functionality when the first version came to the […]

Cats Away iOS Game: Saving Cuteness From Doom!

Felines have always been a mysterious lot. They are always secretive and are mostly quiet, not making a racket like dogs. Their ability to move silently like the stealthiest assassin and to survive falls that would otherwise be enough to kill any other living thing are pretty much supernatural. Another superpower that these animals happen […]

A New Revolution Begins with Apple iPhone 4G

Help to make your own buying option instantly as well as recognize the fact behind the new revolution! You will find partners associated with causes of purchasing brand new iPhone 4G. The peak associated with technologies packed inside a wonderful telephone device. Apple Company or even Google android Programs Improvement isn’t always easy instead Apple […]

Is the Apple TV Next Revolution in Technology

Apple is one of those brands that attracts constant speculation and interest in its next developments and product launches. Much of the brand’s interest is sustained by its iPad and iPhone launches, but Apple TV looks set to be one of the main launches for this year. The internet has long been filled with rumours […]

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