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Best 6- Time Killer iPad Brain Games

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Whenever we get bored, we start playing with our cell phones or iPad nowadays because it gives us everything in the small device. You can play games online or browse the internet to kill your time. Well, the best thing will be to download the best 6- time killer iPad brain games, which can keep you involved so much that you will forget about the time while playing.


These games are free to download from the iTunes. If you want to upgrade the games, then you might have to purchase the few to enjoy playing all the available levels in your free time. It checks the ability and the level of understanding how you can manage the game, which is interesting to play and brings changes in your brain functionality.

Best 6- Time Killer iPad Brain Games Applications

The best 6 time killer brain games applications of iPad are as follows:

Mahjong Games


Free Mahjong Games are available for iPad as a brainteaser. There are different levels for the mahjong games, which are exciting and fun to play. You will have to solve puzzles in order to reach to the next complicated level.



The challenging game lumosity requires your full attention. It helps you in building the memory, thus, you will have to focus it completely while playing. If you will be distracted from the game then you may lose it, which is why the player needs to pay full attention to remember what came up on the screen and went.

Letter Press


Vocabulary games can be fun to be played. You can work out on your vocabulary through the Letter Press iPad brain game. You have to form the words from the grid, which comes up on the screen. The game checks the level of your vocabulary, which keeps increasing as the level, goes up.

Fit Brains

Fit Brains

The iPad brain games are tremendous because they check the speed of your mind and your memory. You have to concentrate fully in order to match the similar shapes on the screen. The shapes can be different but the color could be same, which gets a little trickier for the player if he/she is not paying full attention.



You have to connect the similar colored dots within a time frame of one minute. The more you create, the more points you will get on the game. You have to be fast while working with the hand and eye together. As you keep playing and the levels get higher, the time frame will increase as well but to win, you will have to think quicker.

Brain Scape


This game strengthens your brain by trying some of the tests and quizzes about the brain structure. It checks the level of understanding and learning ability in you. It has several activities to be played with a single application.

If you are bored on weekends then try these best 6 applications on your iPad and enjoy your time by playing the brain teaser games, which can help you intellectually as well. These games will keep your mind sharp and active by engaging you in them continuously for hours.

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