Free iPad Game Apps for Kids

Many parents try to restrict their kids from playing games on iPad as they feel this kind of addiction can be harmful for them but find it quite difficult to keep them away from it. Well, in today’s world, it is really tough to avoid temptations of the tech gadgets but we believe there are some […]

Fitness and Diet Apps for iPhone or iPad

Losing weight means two things: increasing exercise and decreasing calories. This seemingly simple mantra is much harder when we put it into practice. If you’re one of the 50-plus percent of Americans who say they want to lose weight, you’re in luck. Now, finding fitness tools is easier than ever thanks to the ever-evolving world […]

What’s Actually New About the “New” iPad?

On Friday 16th March 2012 the new iPad finally went on sale in stores around the world. Needless to say, this was a huge event in the “gadgets” arena and attracted the attention of the media around the world. Unofficially, people are referring to this tablet as the “ipad 3.” Apple themselves call it the “new iPad.” But there […]

How to: Tips to Improve Short iPhone Battery Life?

Battery life is the key factor in the selling points of digital devices. Whatever brand of smartphone you have, the device may serve as your I-pod mp3 player, DSLR, gaming solution, or even your TV while you’re out and about — provided that you have battery power. As a matter of fact, there are several […]

iCloud, Making Life Easier

Just recently Apple released its version of a cloud operating service. Several companies have already released cloud system but Apple’s much anticipated system brings together many of the world’s most used devices into one operating system. A cloud service is a software service that allows a person to sync multiple devices without having to connect […]

10 Free Apps for iPhone and iPad

We can’t think about an iPhone or an iPad without an applications installed in it. We can get any type of apps for iPad and iPhone. We have mentioned some of the apps for your entertainment and to decrease your work loads in an iPad and iPhone. Here, we have collected some of the most interesting applications which are absolutely free for use. Ringtones […]

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