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10 Wacky Uses For Your iPhone

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Other than using your iPhone to make calls, send text messages, play games, take photos and videos with, play music and movies, and edit documents in, you can put it to other interesting uses that you don’t expect it to be capable of.

Thanks to thousands of iPhone app developers using their creativity and imagination, you can use your well-loved gadget in several useful or amusing ways. (note: most apps may only work on iPhone 4. Not all apps are endorsed or approved by Apple.)

1. As a Flashlight – You can use your iPhone as flashlight by downloading the Flashlight app from iTunes. It uses the LED light on your device and fills your screen with bright light. You can use it as you would an actual electric light torch.

Link – FlashLight | Video

2. As a Musical Instrument – You can turn your iPhone into a trumpet, a guitar, a piano and a drumkit! While away waiting time practicing your musical chops, or put together an iPhone band with friends and start jamming.

Link – iTrumpVideo

3. As a Sound Effects Box – It’s as if you’re on TV! This app will makes sound effects that will match almost any occasion.

Link – Sound Machine | Video

4. As a Car Key – Lock, open, start your car and even open your trunk without getting near your car.

Link – Viper SmartStart | Video

5. As a Language Teacher – Learn a new language without leaving your house, and at your own pace. Impress your friends with your knowledge of several languages and your ability to say the same thing in different tongues.

Link – Video

6. As a Virtual Girlfriend – Yes, even lonely people with no time for romance need some love. Apparently a lot of single working men still like the idea of someone calling them up and waking them up for breakfast with sweet nothings.

Link – Video

7. As a Compass – No need to lose your direction with this virtual compass app.

Link – Video

8. As a Karaoke Machine – Sing your heart out, view scrolling lyrics, anywhere, anytime.

Link – Karaoke Anywhere Video

9. As a TV Remote – control your TV, flip channels and share favourite shows with friends.

Link – Video

10. As a Bubble Wrap Simulator – Everybody loves popping those bubble wraps, from ages 6 to 60. This time though, you never need to run out of bubble wraps because the app can reset and you’ll have fresh bubblewrap to pop anytime. Realistic popping sound as well.

Link – Video

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