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Google Making Changes in Its Domain

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Google is making few changes as far as its domains are concerned. It is expanding its list of top level domains, the “Generic” domains. These domains are maintained by the IANA or “Internet Assigned Numbers Authority”. It has different kinds of uses for various regions and organizations.


Some of the groups of top level domains include infrastructure top- level domain (arpa), testing top-level domains,  country code top-level domains (ccTLD) etc. These domains have been there for some time. With time, many more domains have been added for helping the cause of proper operation of the internet system.

Google, Algorithm and Domain

Google is bringing about positive changes in its domain structure. Google is using the location of a site for the purpose of ranking algorithms. One of the main systems in the Google algorithm technology is Pagerank. It is an algorithm used for link analysis and its naming has been done after Larry Page. The value of an element in Pagerank terms is called Pagerank of that element.  The development of this algorithm took place at Stanford University. This algorithm is a trademark of Google.

Geotargeted Content

Google is making the generic top level domains geotargetable. It should be explained what is meant by this term. In Geotargeting, the search engines are always trying to display things which is most relevant to the user. By relevance is meant the searcher language, searcher’s way of accessing etc. These are the most important things. The aim of all these is to get more region-based searches rather than vague searches. It makes the usage of internet more meaningful. One of the other most important things in this field is the regional intent. It is determined based on certain factors like Restriction of country, domains which have been accessed etc.

Certain Other Steps Taken by Google

Google is also taking certain other steps for making the internet experience that much better. One of the things that it has done is increase the number of ccTLDs, which are generic in nature. It has also brought certain advantages for the siteowners. The siteowners now can mention the target country with the help of Google Webmaster Tools. It is a free service provided by Google for the webmasters. Some of the things that the webmasters can do through this service include submitting and checking a sitemap, generating and checking robots.txt file etc.


The developments brought about by Google for developing the internet experience are just great. It will help people to get better results out of each internet usage. One of the main things in the internet world is domains. They are one of the most important things as far as the operation of the internet is concerned. Making the domains generic will greatly help the internet users worldwide. The siteowners will also have much advantage by the help of the Webmaster tools. These are the things which make Google one of the best search engines in the world.


This article is about Google’s new steps in the field of domain. It is enhancing the internet experience of each user.

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