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2012 Top iPad Apps and Security Issues

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The iPad is one of those gadgets that have fascinated the world over with its many features and the users are on to the verge of buying the new iPad for using the apps and the features the gadget provides. iPad came in with a very basic functionality when the first version came to the market some years back.

The apps for the iPad and the iPad 2 have also fascinated the buyers. Not only one can use the apps for different functions but also one can play games and get himself entertained. Top most apps have been identified every year by Apple, that have won over the interests of the iPad buyers.

Let me discuss some apps that have been identified the top most in the year 2012. These apps are most of them, free but those, which have to be paid for are starting for a price of 59p and go up until 15.99 dollars. Some of the apps are pro versions and can be utilized for free as well as their full versions are available.

The top most apps for 2012 are as under:

• AccuWeather: Some apps may not tell you the exact weather updates in your area. However, AccuWeather will do so. Now you can define a location for the city you live in. that way, you will be able to check the weather conditions at any time as the app is self-updating.

• Facebook remains the top most app of all the years. The people use Facebook 18/24 hours a day. It is such an addiction that the demand for using the Facebook app increased by manifolds. That is why Apple made this app free of charge and all the people who use iPads can use the app freely.

• Air video is what you can enjoy to the fullest. You can stream the videos easily and view them. It does not affect the iPad’s aspect ratio of 4:3 and gives an excellent HD view. It is available in both pro and the full version.

• Beat wave is the simplified version of the Tenori – on – style synth. It allows you to play melodies that you define on your own. You have a lot of instrumental girds in this app. With one single grid you can produce musical notes you like, add other instrumental grids and then you can create a whole tune. Not only this, but you can save the tune and then send it to your friends as well. If you think that the app has less instruments, you can buy more from the iTunes store in very low price.

It is evitable that security should be provided to all such gadgets like the iPhones, iPads, iPods etc. not only Apple has started to provide cases and covers unique in style, but also some companies have started to provide insurance coverage for technological gadgets. Yes, it is true. It is a new concept but yes, the companies are offering such policies that are going to be feasible for you and your gadget.

5 thoughts on “2012 Top iPad Apps and Security Issues

  1. Hi Azam sahab,
    I have read the useful article submitted by you . This era is fully technological edge .Always new experiments is being done and is helpful also . I am associated with a Web site Design coy and working on apple’s Android Apps. I Pad,I Pods security is very much concerned about . In the Market there are third party apps are available but have some advantages and disadvantages also.

  2. @Ayan Gamer,

    Thanks for liking my article and yes i agree that we need to protect our iPad data from hackers. I think when you insured your iPad then the fear of hacking, losing, etc get eliminated. Moreover, you can also do some other things to protect your expensive gadget. Thanks again and keep reading my posts.

  3. @Anton Koekemoer,

    Yes you are right as Facebook is a common app for the iPad users. However, the Air Video is great no doubt for the HD lovers. I will share more interesting Apps for other smartphones here in the future. Thanks for liking my post again. @Raj, Thank you dear for the comment and its really nice to know that you are associated and working on apple’s Android Apps. Hope so, will get more great ideas from you.

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