Apple iOS 6 Advancements and Disadvantages

The launch of the Apple iOS 6 has been anticipated by iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users alike. The advancement in the system promises better features and quality improvements for users so it is understandable why many have waited for its arrival. And although it has been known to contain awaited features, the bugs of […]

What Apples Win Over Samsung Means

Apples recent win over Samsung that was decided in a Californian court could directly impact consumers in the near future. The one billion dollar payout could be chump change compared to what Apple could potentially make in patent sales, and developers will have to tread lightly as they come out with new products. Even though […]

iPad 2- Review on Features and Apps

Have you ever wondered if your iPad 2 needed saving from harm and accidental damages? For this, the screen protector is just not enough. You have to make sure that you have to buy good iPad 2 cases and covers as well. Such accessories will help not only to protect the iPads but also will […]

How Many Hours of Work do you Need to Buy iPhone 5?

Apple’s iPhone 5 is now out and available. iPhone 5’s pre-order rolled out two days after the release was flooded by diehards and excited users who wanted to try the features first hand. From the most sought iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 is now taking further demands as it has much improved version and features of […]

Make Music with Your iPad

The iPad is a product of Apple’s design and engineering genius, and by allowing third-party developers to toy with its SDK or software development kit, just about every kind of app has been created for every kind of person. Music is one of those things that has found its home in this mobile device, with […]

10 Wacky Uses For Your iPhone

Other than using your iPhone to make calls, send text messages, play games, take photos and videos with, play music and movies, and edit documents in, you can put it to other interesting uses that you don’t expect it to be capable of. Thanks to thousands of iPhone app developers using their creativity and imagination, […]

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