How to Build up Strong Relationships with Social Media? The complete Guide

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A great deal of energy and resources are typically pumped into the creation and publication of useful content. However not a lot of effort goes towards maintaining the current customers or even attracting new ones for that matter. It is usually the case that the only interaction is out the customer’s own initiative and not due to the company.


It is a good practice to proactively initiate a dialog with the consumers. This can help reach a broader audience and even attract new consumers; build your brand and lead to increased recognition. It is possible to reach a broader audience by proactively initiating a dialogue with the consumers. It does make sense to initiate a dialogue since it is the best way to have a meaning conversation that too face to face. The same hold true for social media as well. It is not hard to initiate a conversation or interaction over the social media either.

Social Media:

Social media is a very open platform which means the business or brand can observe the consumer’s conversations. It is possible to tune into the pulse of the customers conversation. Thus you would end up better positioned to identify opportunities to jump in and be a meaningful contributor to a conversation that could help the brand image.

Being more visible:

There are a great number of businesses that do all of the above but fail to follow their customers and are unaware of the benefits of doing so. Doing so serves as a good ice breaker to introduce your brand and will allow you to monitor and follow discussions of your interest easily; this can be done on various different social channels. It is quite common for the consumers to be talking about your business and brands in channels other than your own. Thus it pays to get involved in other communities that are focused on conversations to do with your business, brand and category.

Spending time where it matters:

It is useful to spend time out to monitor the discussion that occur all around the web and those that are relevant to your business. It is always possible that the injection of you brand may be viewed as an intrusion but in most cases it should be fine. You can thus then monitor such conversations and use your good judgement to decide on how to proceed.

It is quite common for many businesses and brands to have a problem with being proactive and initiating conversation on social media. It always pays to be over ambitious over the social network and quickly respond to comment and questions and other marketing inquires. It is possible to add goals to your social media strategy for a more consumer outreach and initiating conversation.

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