Why VPS is a much better option compared to Shared Hosting

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Usually, every website owner wishes to get a good deal on their website hosting and is hardly willing to spend a chunk of their savings on hosting services. This holds especially true in case of website owners who have only recently taken to the virtual world. They are of the opinion that since they are only just starting out, a cheap web host will be a favorable option to their business. While extremely cheap web hosting services keep your expenses in check, they do not necessarily provide services that are at par with the current trends.


Therefore, what one company does may not necessarily work for your business, landing you in trouble. As a rule of thumb, spending slightly more and opting for the VPS, which is short for Virtual Private Server is important instead of settling for the lesser reliable shared hosting server for the following given reasons.

Load time:

For every website, its page load time plays a massive role since readers have a plethora of options to choose from. Therefore, if your page takes more than 5 seconds to load, chances are your reader, who could have turned into a potential customer will look elsewhere, thus favoring your competition. Generally, a VPS has a greater ability to perform faster in terms of page load time compared to shared hosting. In case of shared hosting, you tend to share your server space with several other business owners and therefore, the clustered websites on a single host can often cause delays in page load times.

Greater control:

Web hosting has several more features than just simply hosting your website online. There are several controls that are needed to be monitored to ensure that the hosting online is going as per your desire. In case of shared hosting, you do not get to enjoy this. This is simply because you are sharing the server space with other users and therefore, a uniform setting is applied for all the users across that particular server. On the contrary, using a VPS will ensure that you take charge of the server space that has been assigned to you and use it to your liking. While small businesses may not find much use in this, those businesses that are gaining momentum and those that already cater to a large section of a population must use the VPS hosting for better control.

Increased levels of security:

With shared hosting, one user’s issues end up affecting every other user that shares the same server space. If the issue is minor, it may not affect you as much. However, if a virus attack is detected in either of the users’ systems, it will lead to the shutdown of every other website that forms part of that server. This problem is never faced with the VPS. Therefore, you need not suffer due to someone else’s website issues.

Extremely dependable:

VPS, without a doubt is highly reliable and ensures that you enjoy superior services without any disappointments. Virtual Private Servers are extremely durable and therefore, you can blindly rely on the services and never expect your website to go offline, which cannot be promised in the event of using a shared hosting service. Therefore, every penny that you spend to avail of the services provided by the VPS will eventually be worth it as more readers leave your website satisfied and possibly helps increase conversion rates.

In this way, VPS is hands down one of the best and reliable servers that you must use if you wish for your business to take on greater challenges and accept a large spectrum of viewers. What one company does is tries to enhance user experience by providing top notch VPS services.

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