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Getting a US IP Address Using a VPN

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The revolution of internet has been fast and even getting faster. It is one of the most used means of communication and even storage of a lot of information to be accessed by the public. Also, entertainment can be easily found with the use of the internet, which leads to do away with televisions and radios. Simple lives became extraordinary and lives became easier. But there is risk in using the internet.


Because internet is wide storage of information, it is open publicly and is accessible to anyone, anywhere. Thus, the risk is high and definitely security is unsure. Yet, there are means or ways in which surfing can be protected. And that is with the use of Internet Protocols or IP. IP is a binary number that uniquely identifies computers and other devices on a TCP/IP network. It can be public or private and is determined by a device or the computer system administrator.

One of the best IP’s an individual could ever have is the one that comes from the US. We all know that the US does not restrict the use of the web, unless it is found illegal. Also, most of the best entertainment sites are found in the US. That is why people outside US always find ways on how to get a US IP address abroad.

The role of VPN: Getting a US IP address abroad.

Most of the VPN services around the globe can actually get an US IP address abroad. They do this by giving subscribers a server that they can connect to. Having the VPN service provider look for US IP for you would be very easy. With the US IP address on hand, you can easily access restricted (limited to US) sites such as Netflix, Hulu and Veoh.

It is never hard to find an US IP address, all you need is someone to do it for you. In short, you need to have a VPN service provider that is based and registered in America. Or you can have a VPN server that is in America and register. This would require you an email address and a username. Then the VPN server will send you a password so that you can get into the members area of that site. Then, you must setup the VPN connection to your internet device. Once everything is setup, then you can run and now use the US IP address.

The role of VPN service is very essential if you want to know how to get a US IP address abroad.

Choosing a VPN Service.

There are certain factors that you must consider if you want the best VPN. Some of these factors are:

  • Whether the US VPN service supports and provides seamless media streaming services.
  • The IP address provided to you must not be banned by the sites you want to access online.
  • The type of security and anonymity offered must be also considered.
  • The technology of the VPN service should ensure your: (1) privacy, (2) data encryption and (3) security from hackers.
  • High speed and connection in terms of data.
  • 24/7 live customer support service.
  • Trail period or money back guarantee must be assured.

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