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VoIP for Your Home Office

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Do you work from home? Are you trying to find ways to create a more efficient and cost effective home office? Using VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a great way to achieve this.

Many may think this service is best for large companies, but it also has its place in small businesses and home offices. As you are setting up your small office phone systems make sure you look into VoIP.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, is technology to communicate with voice over the Internet rather than the public telephone network. Some of the well-known VoIP services are Skype and Google Talk. Users are able to communicate voice-to-voice via the Internet. There are also VoIP companies who offer inbound and outbound calling services.


One of the greatest benefits of VoIP is lowered costs for phone services. For a significantly lower price you can have phone calls, fax, voicemail, email and web conferences.  Choosing a VoIP system will save money for the business you are running out of your home.

A great part of VoIP is web conferencing. If you have a home office you most likely don’t have the accommodations for a business conference in your office. Being able to do web conferences is a great way to still participate in conferences while keeping your business looking professional. Home based businesses are great for many reasons. However, you don’t want your home to turn into a large conference room. Web conferencing is the perfect solution to this problem.

Another benefit of VoIP home phone service is that you can access your phone services, including voicemail, email and web conferencing, anywhere you have Internet access. If you are traveling, you can easily stay up-to-date with your work and keep in contact with clients with a simple Internet connection. This way, clients can always contact you and your business even though there is no company office they can stop by.

VoIP can save your home-based business time and money. The benefits and cost-efficiency of having a VoIP system are causing more small businesses to make the switch from tradition phone services. What are some benefits that you may have seen from having a VoIP phone system for your business?

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