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Sitting at in front of a computer is usually not the most comfortable way to enjoy any music stored on the hard drive of a desktop or laptop computer. Laptop speakers are often very small, often described as being too “tiny”, and rarely provide good sound quality; employing wired headphones create problems as well as they have to be removed whenever moving away from the laptop.

Desktop speakers are much better for sound quality but can usually only be heard in one room of the house. The solution to wanting your music audible and in true surround sound is to be able to wirelessly stream audio around your house.

There are lots of new technologies available to stream audio and most require only simple setup too quickly and conveniently have audio wherever you want it.

Knowing the best methods of how to stream audio in any environment will yield the best quality audio playback in any situation.

One option is to use the Apple TV. The Apple TV utilizes Apple’s very own iTunes software to allow their users access to any music files all with the touch of a button on the supplied remote controller. The device comes in two flavours, a 40 gigabyte or a 160 gigabyte hard drive.


  • Depending on your television set, use the supplied high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable or component cables (blue and red for audio, green for video-only).
  • Power up the unit and navigate with your television to enter in any parameters or passwords required for your wireless network. Use the wired Ethernet port if needed or preferred.
  • With the Apple TV now connected and configured for the network, locate music on the computer or stream audio directly from online websites.
  • Maybe you were not looking to purchase a device to do any streaming at all? The Apple TV does retail from about $250.00 upwards. Streaming audio can also only require some basic programs.


  • For streaming audio online, use your internet browser and navigate to a search engine. Use the search engine to find “online radio”.
  • Sites such as SHOUT Cast, Digitally Imported and AOL Music are a few of the many available online audio streaming sites available. When any site is chosen, there are usually two different streaming formats: .PLS and .ASX. Click either to have the file downloaded or run automatically in the preferred program.
  • If the file has been downloaded, open your media playing software (Winamp or VLC Media Player), then navigate to the folder storing the audio stream file.
  • Step Four: Drag and drop the audio stream file from its folder into the media player of choice to begin streaming the online radio station. Navigation to the file from the media player is also possible using the program’s “File” or “Open File” menu options.

Tips, Warnings and Recommendations

  • The programs mentioned are only suggestions. Find one which is compatible to your style and operating system.
  • Never divulge personal banking information to online streaming sites with unsecure forms.

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