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Meet The New Operating System From Google

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After much speculation since its announcement in July of last year, The Chrome operating system arrives, finally, to the stable release. But before you rush to try to download it, a sad truth, the system will be released only on specific Google Notebook , because, for the system to perform better, they decided to release it only on machines optimized for it, as the brand new Chrome Cr-48 notebook, which also is not yet available to end users. Only a limited number of them were manufactured for testing. Now, if you want to participate in testing, you can subscribe here.

Just one detail, you must reside in the United States. That’s right, Google announces it will not send for testing, Chrome Notebooks out of the country. Really, really sad that.

Well, for those who still do not know, The Chrome is an open source system based on Linux, which is designed to work completely in the clouds. Yeah, Chrome Notebook relieve the hard disk usage, since all your information is always online. Hence the promise that you can work quietly on a computer, and if something happens to it, you simply log in on another computer, and resume their normal activities.

And with respect to applications, Google will use the Google Web Store, Which will work similar to Apple Store, only delivering applications developed for Chrome.

Check out the video presentation.

All this seems a very interesting concept, but since you have a good internet connection, otherwise it will be of no use. What you say about new OS from google?

12 thoughts on “Meet The New Operating System From Google

  1. new os from google is too good it even saves your whole data, watched several videos of it. looking forward to get my hands on goggle os

  2. As heard from many places this is a nice OS quite fast,reliable(those who got it to test said so),but there are issues related to flash player which makes it buggy.Well nice introductory post.

    1. well google is having partnership with adobe… hope they will resolve it soon…

  3. Grt post, but mostly cloud computing and is useful only for those who have access to internet. That means even to save a notepad u need to have internet connection lolz

  4. I think we all love Google and sure we love it programs.

  5. Thanks for sharing this news Isha. Well its really sad that they will not allow someone outside US to test this…

  6. Thanks for sharing this news isha i was not aware of it befor that.

  7. Chrome OS is a good start from Google to enter in OS market..but still it will gain only users who are more interested in Social Networking only…

  8. i am excited to use this 🙂 will order soon when it hits india

  9. Can’t wait till the release Chrome OS! 😀

  10. Good information indeed. Cloud computing is something which I would like to try out. Waiting for its official release in India.

  11. The launch of the Google Chrome is an avant-garde technology because it is feature loaded and has high speed web browsing which is an edge. It will definitely hit the market because the development of this new Google OS is more that what you would expect from an OS. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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