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Free iPad Game Apps for Kids

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Many parents try to restrict their kids from playing games on iPad as they feel this kind of addiction can be harmful for them but find it quite difficult to keep them away from it.

Well, in today’s world, it is really tough to avoid temptations of the tech gadgets but we believe there are some alternative solutions to it as well. Getting some of the popular iPad games designed for kids on your iPad will have a good impact on your kids as this will be a combined process of gaming as well as learning. Worried about the prices of the iPad apps? Are they actually pricier compared to its iPhone or iPod Touch counterparts? However, you can still find a number of free apps that provide great entertainment without costing you anything sky-high.

Below are some of the top iPad apps for Kids of every age group:

Crazy Symon Games HD Free Lite

This app, created with the very old concept of memory game will put your kid’s memory to test and entertain them as well.

How to Play


• Wait till the “buttons” of various colours light up in a particular sequence and make a unique sound.

• After that, touch the screen to recreate the correct sequence of the buttons.

• With every added sequence, your brain will be put to the test!


• Entertainment app with educational value.

• Provides fun, entertaining, and brain-engaging app for kids.

• Available for free.

Draw Free for iPad

This is the ultimate app for the kids as well as adults who love to sketch and doodle beautiful drawings. It’s a fun experience for both, specially for the younger users.

How to Use


• Select colour of your choice and draw with an unlimited range of colours from the colour picker.

• Adjust line width to meet your artistic needs.

• Use undo and redo buttons to fix your mistakes.

• Draw lines, curves, and points using a realistic rounded brush.

• Save and share your creations via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.

• Kids can share their masterpiece with grandparents living in another area!

• Kids can import their own pictures instead of the boring blank background.

ABC Magnetic Alphabet Lite Free

Get the latest iPad edition of the old fashioned magnetic board suitable for kids of all ages! This is an excellent play and teach method for your kids.

Key features


• A great way of fun that also stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.

• Comes with a rich set of colored pieces: letters, numbers, symbols and funny figures.

• Used to spell letters in a variety of colors or share notes.

• Letters can be moved simply by dragging them across the screen with finger.

• Kids get an expanded spelling range!

• 26 different magnets and all the magnets can be used more than once.

• Quick video tutorial.

• Relieves you from picking up dozens of pieces all around the room once the game is over.

Flower Garden Free:

This iPad app is absolutely free and helps teach kids about fundamental part of elementary education like how plants grow etc.

How to play


• Create an ideal garden environment right on the screen of your iPad and grow your own flowers.

• Purchase pots and seeds from nursery section of the app.

• Plant and nurture the seeds until beautiful flowers bloom.

• Kids will enjoy great fun and learn how to “plant” seeds and watch them grow.

• Will learn about different varieties of flowers.

Some more free iPad Apps for Kids:

Free Fantastic 4 in a Row

This game app is a challenge to connect four tokens of the same colour in an upright grid. Its different levels keep the game consistently challenging.

Lasers Free

This app combines game play with solving series of puzzles that would be a great fun for your kids.

Are you too concerned about your children playing games on iPad? You can get these apps specially meant for kids that will help in their brain development and are also available for free. Have you tried any of them? Share your views with us.

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  1. Ipad is one of the best tools to educate kids. One of the great things about it is that, you don’t need to push them to learn.

  2. Hi Sienna,
    Thanks for the tips, I’ve have sent over the information to my sister with 4 kids who are crazy in playing in the car.

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