Top Seven Benefits of having a Business Website in PHP

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PHP is the most commonly used programming language for developing various types of websites. It is also preferred by most of the businesses and organizations around the globe. So let us know about some benefits that PHP offers as a web development language for the business world.


It is an age of internet. Today it is next to impossible to get your business noticed among the customers without the help of a website. In fact, a website is the first impression of your company to the unknown people. So it very important to have a website to promote and represent your business. When developing a website, make sure that it is based on PHP. Want to know why? Here we have listed some benefits of having your business website in PHP.

Cost efficiency:

Being an open source language, PHP is the most cost effective solution available for developing a fully functional and dynamic website for your business. Moreover, when it comes to get the resources in the form of web developers, PHP development proves to be the most lucrative option. It is very easy to find out the deserving PHP developers. You can hire them easily by conducting just a little online search.

Dynamic website:

PHP programming language supports server side scripting and hence a PHP based website runs dynamically at the run time. Having a dynamic and interactive website is really beneficial for the business as it looks more appealing to the visitors, in comparison to a static website. If a visitor likes a website, he may visit again or may become a potential customer for the company.

Easy CMS integration:

PHP as a programming language supports most of the popular content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc. Thus if a developer wants to update the existing website and power it further with the additional capabilities of an efficient CMS, PHP ensures easy integration of the same.

Platform Independence:

PHP is a platform independent language and therefore it enables operation across various operating systems. In other words, websites developed in PHP can be hosted on nearly all the web-servers available in the market.

SEO friendly URLs:

This language enables creating SEO friendly URLs for a website. This helps the website get better page ranking in the search engine results. So there will be more visibility and hence more visitors on the website. Of course, more visitors means more customers.


PHP includes a variety of libraries such as graphics, XML, encryption and its syntax is quite similar to the syntax of C and C++ languages. So, developers can easily learn, add, delete, edit module, manipulate function and fix the bugs easily. It offers high levels of security to prevent malicious activities over your website.

Huge community:

Like many other open source products, PHP also has a huge community of developers supporting it. Whenever a developer has a query or he gets stuck in some confusion, there is always an online community ready to help. The developers can also share their views or get suggestions from others in the community.

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  1. Thank You very much for sharing this post, I prefer PHP because PHP is undoubtedly the best web platform.The second reason is that the PHP community is very vast and solution for any technical problem can be found on internet, forum or blog.

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