6 Highly Used Social Media and Their Marketing Strategies

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In the race of evolving social media, there are many social networking sites growing infinitely to help everyone getting connected. These social media sites are not only useful for visitors but benefit web business as well. Social media is being recognized for its multiplying advantages to increase a websites traffic and image building of a brand. It is being used for marketing and reaching across the boundaries.


According to Arab Social Media Report (ASMR) November 2014 produced in Dubai, there are over 85 million users of social media in the Arab world, of which UAE is leading with highest use of social media, analyzed at Twitter and Facebook.

The best use of social media Dubai includes following social networking sites. Let’s read on to know their social media marketing Strategies.



Facebook is the biggest social networking site with over 864 million daily active users (DAU) according to Facebook stats in October 2014. It is best known social media marketing site used for getting high conversions rate for a website. For smart marketing on this social media site, there are few strategies:

  • Target your right audience through segmentation
  • Use Facebook as your websites fan page
  • Adding five featured likes enable you to get more likes for your page
  • Represent your brand with five profile photos
  • Facebook photo viewer can also be used as marketing tool
  • Add feature owners of your fan page
  • You can also link a fan page with profile



The power of tweets not only build a brand but connects millions of users at one platform, including marketers and advertisers. This highly used social media enables users to share their message, experience or feedback. As reported in July 2014, twitter has over 271 million active users and is used for marketing purpose. What social media marketing strategies are used at twitter include:

  • Integrating Twitter activity with content marketing to create social influence
  • Use hashtags to build your brand
  • Add compelling visual content such as videos and images to add credibility
  • Share maximum content to engage users



Google plus is a platform to connect with people. This social media site is used for building communities, sharing content, images and sending messages. According to Google stats, there are over 300 million active users of Google+. It is widely being used as social media marketing tool for its increased benefits. Some of marketing strategies of Google+ that you can use are:

  • Use circles to target your content to different groups of people
  • Search for potential candidates on your Google plus account to build a pool of people
  • Use hashtags and keywords related to your brand
  • Use Google+ ripples to check visual representation of public shares
  • Search for additional customers in a private/incognito window to get writers circled by large number of people



Pinterest is one of the widely used tool for social media marketing across the world. It is used for visual discovery of ideas. Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest today has 70 million users pinning the images they like. According to RJMetrics 8% male and 92% female pinners are there on Pinterest of which 84% are still active in their fourth year. To increase social media influence on Pinterest following are the few strategies:

  • Create a Pinterest account with interesting images and keeping your profile active.
  • Create unique boards, organize them and name them unique words with crazy meanings
  • Every pin is a link to an external site that can be yours as well. Each repin of that image leads visitors direct to your site.
  • Eye-catching pins may be repined by other pinners that converts visitors to your future customers
  • Use about 600 or 800 pixels wide and 1000 pixels deep quality images
  • Creating a cool QR code image attracts users to pin it again and again. it helps to bring visitors to your website



This is the world’s largest business oriented social networking site with more than 330 million users over 200 countries according to latest stats 2014. Users manage their professional identity and get engaged with their social community and look for opportunities here. LinkedIn is a fastest and easiest way to strengthen a professional network. You can build your LinkedIn marketing plan by looking at following strategies:

  • Build a LinkedIn group for discussions and feedback, focusing on B2B interactions
  • You can influence readers by sharing questions and content of their interest
  • Make a spreadsheet of your content creation team members and enlist the groups relevant to your content marketing.
  • Mark the LinkedIn groups that can benefit from each content that you publish on your site
  • Always respond to the feedback to build a consistent group and then you can connect with them privately to become beta user of your product or service



This social networking service is a fast, and fun way to share pictures or videos across variety of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others. It was launched in 2010 and as of December 2014 it has over 300 million monthly active users with more than 75 million daily users. Instagram is being used to drive greater results for business. How one can use it for social media marketing is as follows:

  • Adding a URL to your Instagram profile below bio description
  • Use a trackable link in your Instagram profile for which you can check Google analytics that will help to get real assessment
  • Keep a balance of fun images with your business images
  • Connect your Facebook account to you Instagram account and use relevant hashtags
  • Post a video on your account and embed that video in your blog
  • Follow your followers to build strategic relationship with them.

These social media platforms are being used in Dubai for their increased benefits for business. Social media marketing Dubai is never done without using these sites. Social media marketing companies like eTek Studio in Dubai offer best use of these social media sites to get maximum customers for their clients and generating them higher revenue.

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