RAM & Processor Specifications in Superfast Nexus 5 – Certainly Worth a Wait

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The consumer has always been treated to the most amazing experience with the goggle nexus range of products. With innovation and commitment, Google in partnership with LG are about to release one of the best Smartphone in the market- Google Nexus 5. With only a few weeks to its release, consumers can hardly await to be treated to yet another product that may change their experience with the android products.


The features of the smartphone are actually the only reason why many consumers are eagerly awaiting for the device. The nexus 5 will be running on the best processor available in the market today, making the Smartphone super fast.

The Best Processor Specification

The processor in question is snapdragon 800 processor. If you know just a little about such a processor, you may agree with me that you will be treated to the best experience with nexus 5. The lovers of high end gaming can finally smile with such a processor at their disposal. The super fast speed is something that most consumers have always been searching for from other Smartphone without success. The manufactures have had this in mind while coming up with Google nexus 5, which is why every consumer will be happy about the upcoming device.

Great RAM Specification

You may want to save some money to buy Google nexus 5 due to its great RAM specification. With a 4GB RAM that comes with the next Nexus, you will obviously have the best experience with this device. It is important to note that there is no other phone with such RAM specification as it is with this upcoming smartphone. Other Smart phones such as galaxy 4 that may have beaten Nexus 5 out of the market only have twice less RAM specifications. Therefore, Smartphone lovers can be sure that they are being treated to the best experience ever.

Best Prices

The consumers may be worried about one thing with Google nexus 5- the price. However, the product will not dig a hole into people pocket. You may actually find that the product is better priced that some of the phones in the market.  With only 299 US dollars, you will take home this amazing Smartphone. As the days of its release approach, you may want to be on the look out to be among the first to get the promotional prices in the market for Nexus 5 phone.

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