Using Photoshop Brushes for Innovative Web Designing

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For augmentation of graphics and artwork Photoshop brushes are unmatchable. From simple strokes to complicated designs this tool is capable of yielding amazing graphic results. This versatile tool is usable in designing invitations, visiting cards, websites, wallpapers and similar things.


Using of Photoshop brushes is simple and a little guidance is enough. The following are some of the ways of implementing this application.

Use a variety of brush strokes

With this tool you are equipped with several kinds of brushes to begin your painting. With your computer screen as the canvas and a variety of brushes as tools the possibilities are unlimited. Your innermost desires of becoming a graphic artist could become a reality once you get ready for using Photoshop brushes.

Applying water color brushes for a more innovative image

Designing your web page with just lines, strokes, and shades could be drab. To brighten things up, water color brushes could be used for creating lively designs in colors of your choice. Correct color combinations could make web pages visually distinctive.

Make way for image graphics and images

Clip art is gradually getting replaced by images and graphics. The practice of using clip-art for designing a web page is fast getting replaced with Photoshop brush. Brush is a tool that could be implemented on images of animals, vintage graphics, and masks. In the beginning implementing these might be difficult, but with a little practice you can become conversant.

Including glowing lines to your images

Glowing lines help in not only lightening up an entire environment but also create a radiant effect for your images or design. Glowing lines create an identity for your web page.

Building landscape and city brushes

Building landscape and city brushes make web sites more attractive to viewers. Creation of city landscape or buildings using these brushes is actually a great task that makes an image more appealing.

Grunge brushes for some dirtying

Clean and crisp websites are common and does not evoke much sense of awe. Grunge brush may be utilized for using filth in a constructive and tempting fashion while making a web design. This brush should not be used by a beginner but only by experienced designers and artists. Careful using of this application could make your art work more vivid.

Handwriting and letters

Handwriting and letter brushes are used by designers to lend a classic look to your website. Whenever you need to emphasize any particular aspect of a design or web page it is advisable to use this tool. In fact, in comparison to more trendy tools, this tool is preferred by graphic artists because of its impacting potential.

Ink drip and paint splatter

For enhancement of designs it is advisable to use this brush category. Its initial impression to a viewer is that of a smudge or paint smear. It required trained eyes and hands to use this application effectively. Used wrongly it could spoil the entire appearance of a web page. However, when used thoughtfully, splatters might have a great impact on your viewers.


For creating a vintage charm to your design there is no comparison to this tool. A vintage look makes your website easier to recognize. Particularly if you are dealing in antiques, or paintings a halftone web design would be appropriate.


Even simple designs appear elegant when graphics are created using this brush. The beauty if this tool is that there is no limitation to its creativity and enables artists to create images that are intelligent and unusual.

The experience with Photoshop brushes is truly impressive and entertaining. It is always worth implementing and experimenting with them.

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