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HTML is a good technology but it has it’s limitations and thus it is hard to incorporate all the top features using just HTML during Web Development. Thus during web development in India or any other country for that matter it is often seen that PHP is utilized. In fact HTML web sites are limited to only static pages and cannot include some of the common feature that you are accustom too. The solution is quite simple in addition to HTML to make the web site PHP is also required in the development of a feature rich web site.


The fact that PHP is choose over other technologies for small to medium make overs is of no coincidence. PHP is a very versatile language that is also an interpreted language. This means it is possible to place the PHP code directly into the file with out need to compile it (similar to HTML). While in many other web development languages it is not so thus giving PHP a clear advantage over the others. Thus PHP plays a significant role in the development of your simple HTML site with a few bells and whistles and is not just reserved for high end dynamic web sites.

The demand for new and competitive features have increased and this is the case even in what are meant to be simple static HTML web sites as well. With the increase in the use of computers and the Internet access becoming easily available and faster people try to cramp as many as possible feature into their simple web site. This is perfectly fine, since it provides the visitors to the site with a rich experience but what it means is that HTML will not be enough for the web site development. It is necessary to use a programming language like PHP in order to fulfill the requirements. For example it often happens that an other wise static web site requires a blog to be installed on the site for their visitors to comment on the views or activities of the web site owner or just for the owner to display his views via a blog. A blog is some thing that is impossible to implement with the use of a programming language PHP. Besides blog it is also features like dynamic mailing, forums, photo galleries that demand the use of a programming language like PHP.

Thus, it is necessary to good and reliable web development company in India or elsewhere which meets you requirements and is able to provide good quality work in a good time frame. It should be pretty obvious by now that a simple HTML web site often referred to as a static site is not what you are looking for if you need to include several other feature like dynamic gallery, a simple blog or a complicated forum. It is necessary to depend on a programming language like PHP which can link you web site with a database and provide dynamic features to your simple web site. PHP is extensively used to develop such static web site that require a dynamic component here and often fully customized web sites are also built using PHP.


It is important to make sure you understand the subtle difference between and static and dynamic website. A Static web site is that made in HTML that consists of basic informative pages and limited number of features. While a dynamic site is the kind of site that allows for all the bells and whistles. For example if a static web site requires a feature like a blog or dynamic photo gallery then this is required to be done in PHP and in fact the site do become dynamic. But it does not have to be completely dynamic.

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  1. PHP is very useful tool to create dynamic websites with which users can interact with, not only see their content.
    There are also other technologies like ASP.NET, HTML5, Silverlight, that can be used to create rich, dynamic websites.
    It all depends on the client and programmer, which technology suits them better for the project.

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