Best Web Design Podcasts to Boost the Productivity of Your Site

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Podcasts have evolved to be a great broadcasting medium as majority of internet users are counting on it, considering it a source of information and inspiration. According to the survey, over 21% of American listen to one podcast every month.

With the growing population of podcast, it has opened avenues for new topics related to various niche. However, here in the blog some professional niche related to web design are listed. Some of the best and most efficient podcast are summarized below: Check them out to double the progress of your site.

Motion and Meaning

Host Vai Head and Cennydd Bowles offer comprehensive lectures in every podcast episode with a detailed transcript to users. The podcast provides lessons related to ever-evolving animation and motion in web design along with highlighting the need to incorporate them. It guides designers to pay attention to the use of this technology. The Motion and meaning podcast covers basic principles of motion and the usage of tools and techniques.

Shop Talk Show

Dave Rupert hosts the podcast and Chris Coyier provides almost 280 episode recorded over topics related to web design. Users can enjoy a new podcast episode every week. Shop Talk Show provides a new addition to the library every week while covering topics on subjects within the world of web design and its frontend development. A number of highly qualified experts and professionals giving lectures over UX and development records the episodes. The podcast helps designers to keep pace with the ever-evolving design world.

JavaScript Jabber

JavaScript is a professional platform that guides users about development and designing. It helps beginners excel their skills and teaches them the basic of frontend designing. By providing fresh discussions of experts every week, it motivates listeners about the new techniques and concepts. The community and career section over the podcast polishes listeners to stay ahead in the competitive world.

Responsive Web design Podcast

Co-hosted by Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane the responsive web design podcast provides a detailed discussion of important subjects of development and designing. The podcast guides listeners about the frontend web development tactics. Moreover, the two host conduct interview sessions with experts around the world to record rich lessons on web designing every week.

Responsive Design Podcast

The Responsive Design Podcast, hosted by Justin Avery provides a complete and comprehensive insight into developing and designing a responsive website. He interviews entrepreneurs to know the advantages and difference they are experiencing by working on their responsive site to guide listeners about the many advantages a mobile-friendly website can generate. Along with this, he records sessions with experts of the field to educate listeners about the web designing and developing the world.

Giving users guidance about website design and redesign techniques, the Responsive Web Design Podcast have crossed over 100 sessions with no signs of slowing down.

Developer Tea

When you find some breathing space, just sit back and turn on Developer Tea podcast. It offers busy professionals quick 10 minutes sessions about web designing and developing. It is a highly concentrated, informative, short and frequent podcast, which is developed only for designers who prefer to make notes during their tea breaks. It completely covers the subjects of web designing and guides listeners about the many trends and the ways to incorporate them.

Style Guide Podcast

The host Anna Debenham and Brad Frost host small sessions with renowned professionals of web design industry to record sessions for the listeners. The library of the Style Guide podcast is full of many mini sessions of experts and are updated over every week. It provides precise tips to master the art of designing and to acquire skills for displaying your unique talent.

Let’s Make Mistake

As itself sound so does their sessions. The podcast provides unique ways of making success in the web design world. The podcast provides sessions covering every topic of web design and development. Some sessions are based on the lectures from the in-house Mule Design Team while other podcast covers lectures of experienced professionals across the world. It teaches listener about the basic to code, design, redesign, develops and frontend design as well. Let’s Make Mistake could be a brilliant addition to your queue.

Karen McGrane- the UX designer and content strategies of Responsive Design Podcast stated about Let’s Make Mistake that,

Everyone in the web design and development industry should be listening to Let’s Make Mistakes. Leah [Reich] and Mike [Monteiro] are a great combination.

Design Review

Jason Shariat and Chris Liu host the Design Review. In every session, the podcast covers and examine a particular product and provides detailed description about it from its usability to development to benefits. For instance, it includes session over Pokémon Go, Polite vs impolite software, and development of UX. As per the tagline, the podcast provides a session over every week, though it has been noted that the sessions are updated monthly.

Design Life

The podcast is truly dedicated to freelance designers. If you are thinking to work as a moonlight as a freelancer you should tune into Design Life. Femke Van Schoonhoven and Charlie Marie host the podcast. They are full-time designers along with moonlighting as freelancers. The podcast covers various topics and concepts related to web design. It provides listeners a fresh and unique podcast over every week. It will be good for a perfect start.

To Wrap Up

These are the ten best podcast that can help you polish your web designing skills within no days. What could be better than seeking guidance from renowned and successful experts?

This Article is contributed by Sarah, an experienced UX designer having years of excellence as a design consultant. She is currently working at a website design company in London.

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