Top Security Tips for Web Designers

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The web designers often differentiate themselves in various ways to defy the competition. They showcase their skills and ability to design incredible sites to work out complex kind of features or add gorgeous designs and aesthetic stuff over their site designs. However, just limited amount of designers fail to add the elements of security in their web designs.


Despite security being the biggest concern, a sizeable amount of designers fail to deliver the same. So, if you are involved in any website design project, consider the following tips to secure your website designs:

Check the potential security threats:

It is really very much difficult to find out a good solution if you have not encountered the problem. Hence you need to divide the kinds of data you need, find out who is responsible for maintaining security along with finding out the potential risks and vulnerabilities just before you start working on the website design project.

Write the code yourself:

The idea of copying and pasting code can be very much lucrative option by borrowing the open source codes or employing the graphic design software. Despite you feel that the codes are secured as they are from a reliable place, yet it is bound to carry certain glitches or vulnerability, which is hard to find and fix them up. So it is always better to write the codes on your own or ask your trusted team member do to so on his or her own.

Secure your classified data:

This is really an inevitable thing, however, it also comprises of employing encryption for your codes. If required, you can think of contracting with the third party security provider in order to secure some of the extremely sensitive kind of data including bank details etc.

Do not trust the outside data:

When you talk about any outside info, you often believe that it is very much unreliable stuff and is therefore is required to pass through the validation process in order to ensure it checks things out. This simply includes the data from the users, news feeds, business associates and also from your back office systems.

Ensure you follow approval and review of all milepost:

It is very much unsafe and impractical to make intact a number of security checks till the conclusion of the project is seen coming out. Make sure you check a review of all the security tools at all the important milestone. In this way, you can make things simple to diminish the potential risks and deal with security problems.

Incorporate an authorization system:

This can certainly include a password protection option at various levels of the website and even while you need to layer the authorization levels. You certainly do not want to have third class technicians playing with the core features of the site as you would never allow anyone to carry out certain changes in the code.

Install the early warning system:

You would certainly want to have a proper system on place, which enables you and the customers to monitor your website activities. However, you need to have a proper security system, which can send out the alert messages to the administrators if something is seen amiss including certain major changes in volume, numerous failed login attempts and unscheduled alterations.

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