5 Safety Steps to Making Secure Mobile Transactions

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Mobiles these days seems to be called super power rather than mobile. Although, mobile phones who in recent times have become smart, are very much true to their name mobile, we use our smartphones for every tiny bit of our daily chores including handling our payments.


Handling finances through our mobiles, include several things. It can be depositing checks, transferring funds, payment of bills, shopping and many others. All of these activities are obviously very personal and highly confidential and we won’t obviously want anyone or specifically any threats to jeopardize our finances.

So, it is of utmost importance that we take drastic and secure steps to ensure safety while making mobile transactions.

In this article, we will try to explore 5 safety tips to making secure mobile transactions.

But, before you chalk out your safety transaction plans, one need to think and review the answers to the following questions related to your mobile transaction habits.

  • Do you use secure or shared/public Wi-Fi connections while doing mobile transactions?
  • Do you use any specific mobile apps like ones by Leomaster that ensure your safety during the mobile transactions? If yes, then what type of apps and with what features and if these apps in any way compromise your online security and privacy in any veiled way?
  • Have you ever provided your personal information to any of the mobile apps you use while downloading and installing?
  • How frequently do you deposit checks and transfer funds through mobile transactions?

These questions are very crucial and vital while chalking out safety plans for your mobile transactions. Now, let us look into the safety tips.

1. Mobile apps: This is one of the handiest options available when it comes to thinking about safety tips to make mobile secure transactions. There are certain mobile apps which allows to execute your mobile transactions more safety and usually protects your privacy and also shuns off the dangerous cookies and suspicious malwares and protects both your mobile and your account from virus attacks. Now secure mobile, bit defender, sky cure, etc. are some of those effective mobile apps that helps one to stay secure during the mobile transactions. So, having been installed in your smartphone the mobile apps that ensure the safety of your mobile transactions are one of the safety tips or steps that you can take towards making a secure mobile transaction.

2. Do not ever provide or disclose your personal information like SSN, location while downloading a mobile app or the app of your very own bank on your mobile. Also, always be sure to use authenticate and updated official version of all the mobile apps and be sure that all the apps that you install and use are approved by IOS and android depending on the type of your smartphone/mobile.

3. Be sure to turn off all your Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth, location services, any other open apps when they are not in use.

4. Don’t download or follow the link of any suspicious links or websites and download it.

5. Set lock screen security and a self-destructive password.

This article is contributed by John is a tech blogger with 5+ years experience in digital marketing. He suggest Leomaster as the one stop solution for secured mobile transactions. If you would like to write for us, join eSoftload Community.

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