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4 Tools For Creating Your Online Resume

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Everyone knows that having a good resume is a valuable tool in the search for a fulfilling job. But how much do you know about creating a resume online? Since so many of our everyday transactions and communication occurs on the Internet, it’s wise to know how to create a solid online resume, and for that, you need the right tools.


Here’s a breakdown of some useful online resume creation applications, and what they offer you.


The CV comes from the Latin “curriculum vitae”, and is loosely translated as “course of life”. A CV is like a resume, but is more comprehensive, touching upon accomplishments, achievements, education, and other subjects that are usually glossed over in a basic resume. In other words, it contains a lot of information that many experts say to leave off of a resume! Visual CV, used by many professionals, lets you bring audio, video, and a digital career portfolio into your online resume. You can create multiple CVs, with different privacy settings and tailored for different positions. It facilitates communication with potential employers, and lets you take advantage of social media in order to make networking easier. Visual CV’s basic services are free.

CV Maker

Do you want a simple, direct, no-frills, no wading through registration, type of resume or CV builder? Look no further, then. Just log on to CV Maker, and start creating you magnum opus. They even provide five different templates for your convenience. If you do end up joining the site, you can save your CV online. Once you create your CV, you can download it as either as a PDF, Text, or HTML file. The service is free.

Free Resume Creator

Well, the name really says it all. Like CV Maker, you don’t have to sign up for anything. Just choose from one of their 20 templates, and start entering your data. You can download your creation in Word, PDF, Text, and HTML. You can also create cover letters, reference pages, even business cards. And like the name tells you, it’s free.


Like VisualCV, Re.vu offers you a different approach in resume creation. When you sign up, the site creates your personalized URL, and once you fill in the appropriate information, it becomes your resume. Just send the profile URL to prospective employers, and they can view it on any device. If you like the traditional ways best, you can upload your regular resume and you can have a link in your profile that allows readers to download it. And, for those who wonder if anyone’s actually looking at their profile, Re.vu lets you keep track of who’s reading your profile and how much time they’ve spent at it. And yes, this one’s free as well.


Don’t try to pronounce the name out loud. This free service offers you templates that feature more colorful designs, and may be better suited for creative people looking for creative jobs. You can enter the information or import it from LinkedIn or Facebook. Once you’re done, you can download the resume as a PDF, or give people the link to the online version.

This is just a small sample of the online resume tools out there. One characteristic common to a lot of these sites is that the basic version is free, and then you pay if you’re adding in premium tools and expanded capabilities. In most instances, however, the free basic version should be more than adequate for the average job-seeker. After all, in many instances, the fact that you’re looking for a job is a good reason why you don’t have extra money to throw around on bells and whistles!

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