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S.Pradeep Kumar, is a technical blogger from India who blogs at HellBoundBloggers(HBB). HBB inspire me to start a blog of mine. You can judge with my theme how much i inspired by HBB lolz. And i am damn sure most bloggers out there may have HBB as an inspiration. As S.Pradeep is my idol so, i started my very first interview with him. Here are the topics discussed in the interview.

Question 1) Give us a short introduction about you and your blog?

Hi, this is S.Pradeep Kumar, a technical blogger, freelancer, and typical engineering lad. I’m the CEO and Founder of HellBound Bloggers (HBB), a Technology Blog and Web Community.

Question 2) What inspire you to start your own blog?

Nothing inspired me to start blogging actually, it was an accident or just for the sake, I created one. But people like Harsh and Arun inspired to proceed, like they encouraged me in some forms to reach levels.

Question 3) Being a Student, Does Blogging affect your studies?

Seriously affects a lot, but I could have managed both studies and blogging. Planning to manage time between Education and Blogging, hopefully it should work.

Question 4) Have you ever thought or been in some situation when you thought to quit blogging?

Well, I was not in a situation to quit blogging, but I decided once to stop blogging for some period, even I posted about this on my blog. That was due to my so-called-average academic performance.

Question 5) Is there any thing which you like more than Blogging?

I love being Online, my online life is seriously far better than offline. I love to read novels, success story (& failure stories), roaming friends, long distance walk, and so on. I love to explore.

Question 6) Who is your idol and why?

I admire lots and lots of people. I have learned from many people, much wiser than me, and lot of other sources. But I was inspired to involve in blogging more deeply by Arun Basil Lal and later, I was moved by Harsh Agarwal‘s work. Rest is History.

Question 7) Apart from blogging, what else makes your life complete?

Hanging out with the person, someone special to me. Talking about things which, though it is not possible, inspire you a lot. Engaging with persons and discussing Entrepreneurial works. The list goes on.

Question 8) What are current statics of your blog i.e blog readers,visits etc?

After switching to HostGator, I can see some change in the graph. Visits are improving and nothing to say about blog readers, they are encouraging me to blog more and more. I don’t compared RSS Subscribers with Blog readers, since there are lots of difference between subscribing and reading.

Question 9) Whats your monthly revenue from your blog?

Something which I don’t talk much about actually. Seriously am not an expert in making money online, considering the fact, MMO is not the intention of HBB, though we would have decorated HBB with ads.

Last month, I received a notification from PayPal that I got 30$ from some affiliate system, and I don’t even remember, what I did in order to earn it.

But, I would love to earn more money from blog, so I can involve more, in other words, problogging.

Question 10) What in your opinion, a blogger should never do?

Blogging is not the platform for earning, it is actually started for learning. Start to blog, without considering the fact that you can earn from it. Don’t worry about the visits, income, subscribers, and most importantly, comments. You will get all of them once you reach a level, which is not difficult.

Question 11) What is your biggest dream in life?

To complete my B.E. Degree, and at the same time, manage HBB properly.

Question 12) Share Some motivational lines for our readers.

Don’t worry about where you blog, think proudly how you blog. I even used browsing centers when I had no computer at my home once. Enjoy the art of blogging, surely it will say your name forever. Kudos.

I want to heartily thanks S.pradeep Kumar, for taking out his valuable time for us from his busy schedule and it was a great pleasure talking to him. Thanks Again.

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