Is Nokia Lumia 1020 the best camera phone so far?

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Beaming with the tag line- Nothing Else Comes Close, Nokia Lumia 1020 is clearly going great guns in the phone arena. Smartphone cameras have probably been one of the most innovative solutions forwarded to shutterbugs. Of course carrying the huge DSLR or the Cannon strapped round the neck during trekking or rafting has never been easy. Adding to that is the expense and issue of affordability of camera with good lenses but Nokia always had some answers to offer.


It has been working on its camera phones since some time now- N82, N93 and 808 Pure View being among few good examples but this time, Nokia Lumia 1020 clearly comes beating it all. 41 megapixel image sensor with 11.43 cm display size. Adding to that is the wow digital zoom capability of the phone.

A quick comparison

Even though expectations from 808 Pure View lens was as high as it is from Lumia 1020 but the OS of the phone made it a bit sticky. But 1020 has tackled all of it fairly well and is going hung-ho in the market. Sporting the camera features which are sort of equivalent to that of Apple iPhone 5S, Nokia Lumia 1020 users seem to be on a satisfaction high.

The MP, the Speed and the Zoom

The camera stands so special probably because it does justice to the USP(s) it harps on. The 41 MP sensor is enough to create an itch in the users hand to not let it lie flat on its back but what’s more interesting is the Windows Phone 8 device stands absolutely compatible with the promises it makes. The full-resolution images are actually closer to 38 MP and the clarity is quite decent when compared to other handheld lenses. Yes, Apple iPhone 5s wins a score more when it comes to the speed with which it performs (1020 takes 5 seconds to be ready for clicking the second image right after the fast)  but Lumia 1020 conveniently defeats Apple in its digital zoom capability. The clarity with which the zoom performs in 1020 is mentionable. The user can hardly spot any pixilation even when zoomed at particular portion of the picture.


The sharpness of the 1020’s lens reads to be 3,068 lines at the full resolution and has no risk of getting you a granular final product. The reason of course being the f/2.2 aperture and the in-built feature of optical image stabilization. The more the aperture, less is the risk of softness of the image. Lumia 925 lost it a bit there but Lumia 1020 is performing from every angle, overcoming all constrains. Adding to that is the challenge posed to any camera by low or dim light. So how is 1020 dealing it under such circumstances?

Low light

Handheld cameras across brands and price ranges have always had one distinct problem- poor functioning in low light. Nokia Lumia 1020 has fielded that as well. The light sensitivity has been improved drastically to reduce noise in low-light environments. This phone is among the first phones in-built with Optical Image Stabilisation, enabling clear macro shots. So dim-light is not a major issue anymore.

Battery Back-up

Clearly a phone with such powerful camera is definite to face issue with battery backup, but how exactly is Nokia Lumia 1020 faring there? The phone is believed to be working a day with average usage and extensive usage of camera. But one thing needs to be verified before bagging the cool handheld. With a camera of such quality, there is a fair risk of the battery heating up within 15 minutes. No reports have been made on these terms yet but it is wise to check it before putting your Rs. 40,000 forward.

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