How to Find Lost or Stolen Smartphones

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Smartphone’s are much smarter that it can intimate it’s master if lost or stolen. There are true stories of people who got back their phone after stolen or lost through an application that uses GPS. Additionally, it helps police to seize the thieves.

iPhone Users

For iPhone owners, Apple offer free application to track your Smartphone. Find My iPhone is an apple’s official tracking application that’s lets you track your phone exact location. If the phone is lost and battery is over, it will show the last registered location on the map, and tell how long the data was collected.

If owners have fifth version of the iOS operating system and an account in iCloud, then using friend’s iPhone or through iCloud, phone can be locked remotely and delete all information, contacts and other applications. If phone is lost then owners can also send a text message with a number to get connected or with a request to return it back. If anyone plays with the setting of these services, it will automatically send an email notifying of the changes made.

Android Users

Android phone also have similar third parties applications to track down the location of lost and stolen devices. The unofficial applications have quite same functions compare to FindMyiPhone from apple. Android users have many choices of applications, but we will only recommend the 2 best and working one.

Where’s My Droid

After installing Where’s My Droid and configuring the application owners can send audible alerts or messages, lock the phone or memory chip and track the location on a map. The result may not be too accurate as compared to Find My iPhone but it could be in a radius of 500 meters of that position.

Cerberus anti theft

Cerberus anti theft can also track android devices without internet connection through text messages. It can also track the location through a Cerberus site and lock the device with code and wipe information’s including contacts. Even you can track the calls and record voice of user.

Windows Users

Well, windows owners also have similar official service to locate lost phone. No additional applications need to be installed. Just login to, with windows live id used on the phone. Owners can track location, erase data and lock device with message.

Warning: The applications may not track the locations if the system location on Smartphone’s is turned off (except few applications) and the phone is not password protected. In such cases, you need to quickly access the application sites to lock your devices.

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  1. Hi Anand,
    It’s great to be able to track their phone. But here in Sweden, has several people called the police and talked about where their stolen phone location, exact address, etc. But the police are forbidden to enter a apartment and house without a prosecutors house search paper, but he does not write it out because they are too small crime. They are going to change the law now.

    1. with applications it is quite easy to track and get back the phone without engaging police. Or atleast user can lock and erase the data from phone.

  2. I’m sure that this application can be much helpful for those people who unfortunately lost their phones

  3. I have already heard many positive reviews about such application as “Find My iPhone”, I guess that it can be quite useful for iPhone’s users

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