Tips to Consider while using Twitter as Marketing Tool

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While networking sites are emerging as futuristic tools for new age marketers, experts believe that Twitter remains an untapped tool! Now if you are planning to launch a new product shortly and wish to go the cyber way, take it as a bonus privilege if you have a Twitter account!

Let us break the suspense and make you understand how you will use Twitter marketing and promote your products through a Twitter account.  Check out!

Age counts

The most important thing that you need to consider is that promote a product through a Twitter account that is at least 6 months of age. This implies that more the date of opening a Twitter account, more will be its probability to promote your products. But a mild warning is that forget promoting something from a Twitter account that is less than six months of age, or else it lacks the attribute to build faith among the traffic.

Create a chain

As you maintain a Twitter account, you become aware of the tastes and preferences of all those in your contact list. Use this knowledge while promoting your product through Twitter marketing. Create good contents and share your promo among those whom you consider as ‘likely’ customers-to-be.

Make an active page

Do not post the promo of your product once and forget it forever. To be honest, the thumb rule of social media marketing is that an inactive page will initially catch up traffic, but will slowly turn out to be a frigid one! Therefore, if you stick to such a wrong practice your Twitter marketing will go haywire as well. So, make the promotional page as active as possible by making comments on the page, tweeting, re-tweeting on the comments left by the visiting traffic, and creating string of questions and answers.  This will work towards building trust among your visiting customers and thereby enhancing your chances of your salability.

Avoid getting flagged

You should draw a line of demarcation between you and spammers, or else you have to face hard blows you have never thought of! The greatest way to do so is to avoid hard hitting words that sound too aggressive and compelling like ‘buy’, ‘follow’, ‘free’, ‘join’, ‘subscribe’, ‘weight loss’, etc. Let the visitors decide what to do instead of trying to instigate them. You should only stick to relevant and good contents.

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