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Twitter site has been created for the persons having same profession, education likes and dislikes. This can work like a treasure which would display the information about you and the interested person could grab you for professional purposes. But this is very important to elaborate and manage your profile if you want to make the best out of it.


Here are some tips which would help to maintain the profile so that you could make the best out of it. Most of the account owners take their LinkedIn profile very casually. One sincere step towards your career can make a big difference in your professional life. Let’s go through some tips.

Formal name and image

The first impression is the last impression very well said. Your name in the LinkedIn profile should be with first letter capital of your name and surname. Most of the time people save their name in small letters which seem very much insincere and unprofessional.  Such behavior can make the impression of unprofessionalism and lazy attitude. Employers and other professional like to contact the profile owner who has uploaded photographs. The uploaded should be also look like a professional. The photographs which you upload to social sites like Facebook should be strictly prohibited.

Eye catching and suitable headline

The next step is to choose the suitable and eye-catching headline. The headline should describe your business type in the best manner like web hosting, designing and others.  The interested and required person could catch you very easily in such situation.  The headline should be very much accessible. You can take the advice of the existing user that how to create the effective headline. You should use the name of your organization or in which company you are working as a professional or employee. Your headline should work like the address of your house.

Summary section

Summary section is the most effective part of your profile. This is one of the most prominent sections of your LinkedIn profile. The language should be in first person. The crispy information should be crisp and up to date. You should elaborate and emphasis on the knowledge of your skills. The description should be more than enough to for deciding a person whether you are eligible for the job or not.

Be particular about work history

This is very important to become particular about work history. This leaves a great impression about your professional life as the experience matters a lot. You should mention your work experience with previous employers and dates. Where did you work? The name of the employer, organization everything should be mentioned. This would stimulate the employers who are looking for an experienced employee. The people who are job seekers must mention their work experience.

Mention your education

This is the time to show your education for you worked very hard. In most of the cases the employers now ask for professional degrees so don’t hesitate to flaunt your education and knowledge of other Co curricular activities.

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  1. Great article! I’ve been struggling getting followers interactions in general on Twitter for ages.

  2. I don’t think mentioning education is necessary. Just write a brief introduction of yourself. And creating a impressive custom background for twitter profile is also good.

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