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No doubt twitter is a best platform to drag traffic to any site. But the traffic from twitter needs large number of followers who can retweet your message.  It is quite difficult for new people joining twitter to arrange large number of followers.

So, if you are in hurry to increase twitter followers and number of retweets, here are some services that can help you to achieve the goal. But while using the services, keep in mind that you are not going beyond twitter terms and service and twitter rules.


Hitfollow is the service which can increase 100 followers a day with free plan and 3,000 followers in 3 days with VIP plan. You just have to choose a plan and accept their program policies. Within a few hours you will be loaded with lots of followers.


LetGetMoreFollowers offers upto 100 followers with basic plan which is free and upto 1,000 followers per day with VIP plan. In return they will send a promotion tweet from your account in every 4 hours. Login in with twitter account and get followers just simple as it is.


With spreadyourtweets, you can increase 48 followers per day for free and new followers every minute as premium member. With premium membership, you don’t have to disclose your twitter password. Only twitter username is enough for premium members but free members should authenticate twitter account.


Twiends is completely different from above 3 services. You are provided with seeds and can increase you seeds by following others. With the seeds you can offer people to follow you. The best part of Twiends is it allows following or having followers from termed country and interests. You can even buy seeds from VIP package.


EasyRetweet basically increase number of retweets but it also provide services to increase twitter followers. Like Twiends, Easy Retweet offers some credits for retweeting other members tweet and for following. With EasyRetweet you can share your tweets with large number of people in comparatively very less time.


ManageFlitter is bonus service for you. It can help you to clean your twitter account by unfollowing people who are not following you. You can also find people those unfollowed you, link your Google Plus account with twitter and manage account with twitter analytics.

If you are using any different tools or services to increase your twitter followers, do share with us in comments.

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