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To Cloud Or Not To Cloud? Benefits and Drawbacks of the Infamous Cloud

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Everyone’s talking about it. Cloud computing is now a common buzzword in the world of computing. Its obvious benefits have made it one of the fastest-growing notions in the history of technology.

This article will talk you through some of the benefits and drawbacks of Cloud IT from a business perspective.


Benefit: Cloud services are reliant on an internet connection. Because everything is stored online, this averts the need for servers and hardware as all your necessities can be easily assessed in a ‘one-stop shop’ via an internet channel. It also means that you have access to your files wherever you are provided you have a computer and a connection.

Drawback: Even the most reliable of providers can suffer downtime and we all know how irritating it can be to lose access to the internet itself but when the internet is the home for all your documents and applications, this could suddenly become even worse. When choosing a cloud provider, you may wish to check that there is a good support system in place should such issues occur.

The flexibility factor

Benefit: Cloud service packages often mould to fit your business needs for example many are structured on a ‘per user’ basis which means you can add and subtract users as necessary which can make it a cost-efficient option. There are also a number of different Cloud services that you can choose from depending on the needs and requirements of your business.

Drawback: You may find that packages offered by some cloud vendors are not be fully compatible with other applications. For example, documents created in cloud programs like Google Docs may not be accessible for those using Word or other Microsoft packages.

Ease of use

Benefit: Because there are no servers, you do not have the worry of having to call for support if the server goes down and you do not know how to fix it. Cloud services tend to be designed in a user-friendly so instead of having to worry about finding different hardwares and programs, you could find all that you need in one place.

Drawback: Cloud service providers are often multi-national corporations therefore if something should go wrong they may not be on the end of the phone. It is important to consider the support aspect before switching to the Cloud and you may benefit in the long run by choose to switch over with the assistance of an IT Support company.


Benefit: Think of all the money your business has spent on servers, hardware and different programs over time – such things do not come cheap. Many companies choose Cloud simply because it saves them money. If you are looking to grow your business, you may wish to compare the cost of Cloud services with the cost of servers and hardwares that you are likely to need along the way.

Drawback: There are a number of different Cloud providers out there which vary in cost and often services. Online services may seem cheap but it could prove beneficial to consider reputable IT companies used to dealing with businesses for your peace of mind.

To Cloud Or Not To Cloud? That is the question

This may sound like a trick question but it is something to consider. Thousands of businesses are making the leap up into the Cloud and it is rapidly becoming a focal point for many business’ computing needs. A buzzword it may be but it is also the fastest growing technology in the history of computing.

However with computers being an integral aspect of most businesses, many find themselves wary about making the jump. If done correctly, switching over to the Cloud does not have to be a difficult and time-consuming and you can forget the images of your workforce throwing out servers and snapping CD-ROMs in two.

If you choose to migrate into the Cloud through a professional IT company, the process can often be simple and completely painless, they may also be able to talk you through ways of which you can combine aspects of Cloud IT with traditional IT to get the best of both worlds.

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