Implement Social Shopping Using Facebook

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Now is the age of social shopping! While e-shopping is greatly transformed into social shopping, soon will come the time when social shopping transforms into Facebook shopping. Well and around 40% of onliners are using social networking sites to shop online. Hope everyone owns an account on Facebook and you’ll never be an exception from falling under those 600 million users.

Facebook kind of shopping is soon to become the trend future days. Read further, to know about it in more words!

Why the F-Commerce growth?

With More than 600 million users, Facebook is ultimately being the breakfast, lunch and dinner to many. It has been reported that around 41% of Facebook users recommend a product on Facebook. There are specific businesses, which have done their 20% of sales via Facebook store. Stats, say that the number of Facebook store transactions are increasing 10% each month. If it is on Facebook, it is 7-10% higher cart values witnessed. Average total time spent on Facebook site is 14 minutes, which is higher than that of Google.

Your Magento FaceBook Store!

Most of the eCommerce stores running successfully in today’s world are based on the Magento platform. With its efficiency and ease-use functionality, Magento is a greatly preferred platform for eCommerce. Connecting Magento and Facebook will definitely find good results for an eCommerce business. Facebook stores can be easily created for an eCommerce site, that works on Magento platform. A Magento extension will help you do that and there are a plenty of extensions to serve this purpose. Listed below are few Magento extensions, which assist you in building a successful online store on Facebook.

Magento Facebook App

Apptha has developed this extension, specifically for the purpose of enabling you to create a store on your Facebook page, through which your customers can shop your products. This Magento Facebook extension allows you to take your product to millions of Facebook users, which reflects in a huge increasing sales factor.

Facebook Connect social Shopping

Facebook Connect Social Shopping, developed by Magento Commerce is a Free Magento extension that allows your site visitors to connect with their Facebook friends without leaving your ecommerce store. They can recommend to their friends a purchase that they are making or ask advice to choose between items to purchase.

Facebook shopializable

This is again a free Magento Extension that allows you to show your Magento shop catalogue from any Magento website through your Facebook’s profile. The plugin permits to have a non negligible traffic towards your e-commerce website.

Facebook Social

Facebook Social is a Apptha product, that allows you to effortlessly integrate your product pages into the social graph with Facebook’s Open Graph protocol. This helps you in connecting with the vast consumer base, establish powerful bond with the existing customers as well as generate new fans and customers.

Facebook Store Pro

The Facebook Store Pro Extension helps you to publish your catalog/products to Facebook in a minute. Everyone can browse your products on Facebook as a shop application. This is one of most powerful extension for Facebook which can increase your sales from 25%-35%

Facebook Connect Magento Extension

Facebook Connect Magento extension enables customers to make a one click registration and login with their Facebook identity. It automatically registers new users and logs in the existing ones. It is compatible with latest Magento CE 1.6 and older versions 1.5, 1.4 and 1.3.2.x. The plugin also makes use of Facebook elements like open graph protocol and open source JavaScript SDK.

Facebook Link

The Facebook Link extension for Magento helps you to promote your store among your customers’ Facebook friends quickly and easily. You can configure the module so that if a customer logs into your store using his/her Facebook account and makes a purchase, a post is automatically left on the customer’s Facebook wall, giving details of the order items or with your store notice.

Facebook All in One

This extension allows you to use a huge variety of Facebook features in your store. The major features include options for Facebook Login, Like, Share, Comment on product page, Send to friends, Recent activity and Recommendations.

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