12 Twitter Tools to Improve your business

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Are you looking to build your brand on Twitter? Here is 12 tools for you to help you build your brand on Twitter. If you can’t fit a message into 140 characters, there is hope at the end of the article with a service that does this especially.


Also, you can boost your business with Twitter if you use these tools the proper way and use diligence when using them and consistency and persistence when using them.


SocialMotus is a manager where you can manage Facebook and Twitter accounts with multiple team members. You can discover prospects and build relationships with ease. You can use this platform to respond to everyone on both Facebook and Twitter. You can track all conversions and business outcomes with SocialMotus. Free to sign up.


Statuzer is an Adobe Air platform that can use four social media sites, Twitter, identi.ca, StatusNet and Hellotipi. You can have multiple columns to see your different networks and play MP3s from Song.ly and tra.kz with a free and legal music search from Jamendo. You can insert picture thumbs from Twitpic, Yfrog, Flickr, Youtube and Vimeo. This is a free platform.


See how far your tweet went on Twitter and who tweeted your message the most. This is the free part. The paid sections include: Tweetreach Pro which you can look for tweets now or in the future and an unlimited tweet volume and an ongoing subscription for $84 a month. Historical analysis package checks tweets posted in the last 7 years and unlimited tweet volume and is a one time purchase at $49. A snapshot report just shows the tweets in the last week and only up to 1500 for a one time purchase of $20.


Twtqpon is a Twitter service where you can make coupons for your business. A pay-as-you-go option is 8 a coupon for 1 Twitter account with ~100 claims and for a max of 2 weeks at $4 a week and email, Twitter and chat support. Monthly subscription starts at $19. a month base price with addons per coupon. You can make in-store redemption, direct links or codes, %off, $ off, or BOGO coupons. Coupons come in packages of varying prices.

TheMeleon ColourLovers:

Free to customize your background for your Twitter account. You can customize it with patterns, colors and layouts. This is a great way to customize your Twitter page and you can even change colors of the patterns to colors that you like. You can also create new color schemes for your page as well.


JustTweetIt is a search for Twitterers in the same niche as yours. If you are looking for people with an interest of yours, you can look here for them. It is mostly a directory of other Twitter users. You can look for other Twitter users in your niche to chat with and form partnerships and friendships with; basically to collaborate with.


FriendorFollow is where you can see who is following you and you can follow or unfollow them. There is a Friend or Follow professional account for $29.99 a month. This has unlimited accounts and advanced views and features like exporting to document and an ad free experience.

Twitter Search:

Twitter has their own search now. They just introduced this recently. This means that you don’t necessarily have to use a 3rd party search for Twitter because Twitter has an official one, now.


TwitterFeed is a place to connect your blog RSS to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more social networks. You can track your feeds from an account that is free here, too.


Refollow is a place you can go to follow or unfollow people who are following you or else not following you. There are several levels of account that is available from a free preview account to a Pro which is $20 a month with unlimited users for 1 account. Business is unlimited for 5 accounts at $50 a month. Enterprise is unlimited for 20 accounts for $150 a month and there is a free version for non-profits but you have to present a non profit form.


Ubersocial is a mobile solution for Twitter on the go. You can keep up to date on your industry as you are out and about. There are customization options and curated content that you can get with this on mobile. Android, iPhone and Blackberry supported. Free to use.


Sometimes you need more than 140 characters than twitter gives you. You can write a longer message for free at TwitLonger. If you know that you can’t get your message small enough for a 140 character space, you can use this free.

These Twitter tools can help you get established and get your message out on Twitter. You can tweet about your products and services and check your stats on Twitter and how your tweets are making any business happen and what you can do to improve business and get the desired actions that you need to happen. You can keep ahead of business with a mobile version of Twitter on mobile so that you can still stay in contact with work related needs when you are away from the office.

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