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Find Earthquake Victims In Japan Via Google

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Google launched a version of the tool to meet people face strictly to the location of earthquake victims in Japan on Friday.

A strong tsunami, generated by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake killed at least 300 people and killed today in the country boats, cars and homes, causing several fires in still air affected. However, the number of victims should not stop growing, since the police reported that between 200 and 300 bodies were found in Sendai, on the northeast coast of the country, the city hardest hit by the quake.

The Google website functions as a message board and a directory, through which people can search for relatives and friends, and write notes in order to discover whether people are safe.

[ Vist To Find Someone With Google Tool ]

The service, which has proved useful in other major disasters, may be added to websites and social networking pages.

Many volunteers from various countries help in the composition of the database system for locating people of Google, whose initial use occurred during the earthquake of Haiti in January 2010. The tool was developed from work done after Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the city of New Orleans in 2005.

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  1. I must say, Isha you do a lot of research before writing a blog post. I have also written a similar post, but its a half-brainer.

  2. I have ever tried to visit this site. This site is useful to find information about family or friend who become victims in Japan earthquake.

  3. Thanks for the information friend. No doubt, Google has really proved helpful in such critical times and you have really compiled all the details about the tool very well. Good work.

  4. Thanks for this information Isha

  5. Nice information Isha. This will be really helpful for all the relatives and friends of the affected victims. Google really rocks!!!

  6. Google is doing right job. This news was really terrific and i pray to God that it shouldn’t happen again.

  7. Google tries its best to provide useful stuffs to internet users. In time like this, updates are what we need. More importantly if the whole world is involved in this kind of situation.

  8. Really appreciate this stuff by google. They are really trying to give the information on fly. This helps a lot to find the missing ones in Japan. Great going Google.:)

  9. Hi Isha,
    I appreciate the efforts by google.Finally technology saving lives of people at times of distress.Keep it up Google.

  10. thnak you so much! just learned of this site right now! this is so useful for me as i still don’t have any contact with an old friend of my family!

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