Maintain Email Privacy With NOT Sharing My Info

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Nowadays it is quite common to exchange emails with multiple users on the Internet, and mostly with people whom we do not know. If you want to exchange messages with strangers through emails without having to reveal your original email, you need to check out NotSharingMyInfo.

This application allows a person to send an email message through a “stealth” guaranteeing your privacy, because you do not need to tell your personal email or your company. You will receive the email in your inbox normally.

The operation is very simple. You have to visit  NotSharingMyInfo and enter your email address and click “Get an obscure email. Will generate a new e-mail similar to what we have below in image:

Now you must send this email to the person who want to contact you, without having to inform the business or personal email. When the person sending the email you will normally receive in your inbox with all privacy.

Have you checked this service? Share your views on Not Sharing My Info.

13 thoughts on “Maintain Email Privacy With NOT Sharing My Info

  1. thanks for sharing nice info, didn’t know about this

  2. Great tool Isha, I’m use mailinator for this purpose..

  3. thanks, great article.. knew some other unreliable similar services before, but NotSharingMy.Info seems a solid one at first sight.. just hope they won’t sell email addresses as other services do..

    1. I researched on NotSharingMyInfo and got they don’t sell your email at any cost.. it means full privacy!

  4. Thanks for this usefull post. As you say it’s often I want people to mail to me but it’s better not to give them my real e-mail.

    I will check this out 🙂


  5. Thanks for sharing this service.

    New to me. I had shared SpamBox long ago. But serves different purpose.

    Will check this out.

  6. This is a very interesting service. The Spammers will be defeated through this email information hiding system

  7. This is a very good tool. We have a chance to share our primary email with various people over the internet who send us Spam Emails. It is nice way to maintain privacy

  8. I was using temporary mail providers like Yopmail and Mailinator for securing my own email. But, Notsharingmyinfor service sounds really great. Yopmail mailbox is shared among many people, which is its drawback. Will check out Notsharingmyinfo.
    Thanks for the info Isha.

  9. Thanks for Sharing, was not aware of it..

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing such nice tips. we can use this premenantly or not ?

    1. yes, you can use it permanently…

  11. Yeah email can certainly reveal a lot of info about a person by……but this online page of converting email to some thing obscure is really a good one.

    Thanks for sharing…. 🙂

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