How to Effectively Plan your Christmas Social Media Strategy

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It is estimated the average shopper spends between $800.00 to $1100.00 during the peak shopping period before the Christmas holiday. This is certainly the season for giving, and while the shoppers are busy purchasing goods for their loved ones, businesses of all sizes are strategizing to increase sales. It used to be that print, TV, radio and direct mail were the only methods in which to reach a targeted audience, however, that changed when the internet came along.


While the traditional advertising methods are still highly valuable, online marketing has been deemed most popular. Delivering quality online campaigns during the Christmas season can generate major sales for the small business owners of the world. The popularity and consumer interaction of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has given such businesses the ability to reach their targeted audience. However, most entrepreneurs are unsure of how to effectively strategize during the holiday season.

Plan ahead:

It is important to plan your holiday social media goals and campaigns at least three months before the season approaches. Writing content, setting up advertising days and designing graphics ahead of time will help keep you organized and free of stress.

Campaign at the right time:

One of the most annoying things for the small business owner is knowing the right time to begin campaigning for the holidays. Big box stores are notorious for lining their shelves with Christmas items long before the season arrives which often seems spammy, impersonal and intrusive.

It is important for smaller businesses to stay ethical with their campaigning which means advertising at the right time – not so soon that your efforts get ignored, but not too late that you miss sale opportunities. Knowing the right time to campaign can be determined by the products and services that you are offering as well as your audience and the behaviour of your competition.

Schedule your posts:

One of the best features on social media for small businesses is the ability to schedule content. Scheduling a weekly bulk of quality content will allow you to focus on other areas of your business while your posts reaches the intended audience. However, it is important to check your social media profiles a few times a day to answer questions and to stay current with your fans and followers.


The holiday season is the ideal time to purchase advertising on facebook and twitter. A few dollars a day can translate to major sales.

Cross promote:

One of the most valuable strategies for small businesses is the ability to cross promote. It is important to be able to see like-minded businesses as assets and not as competition, that way you can cross promote to reach more potential buyers. You can cross promote by exchanging tweets with other business owners as well as facebook posts and by exchanging pins on Pinterest. There are many facebook groups dedicated to cross promoting, simply search for like-minded groups, join, establish relationships and start cross promoting.

Post quality content:

Your social media profiles are extensions of your website and your business, therefore, it is important to post quality content. Your holiday content should be lighthearted, approachable, entertaining and educating. You can ask holiday inspired questions such as, “what’s your favorite holiday meal?’ or “what is your favorite holiday movie?” Additionally, you should post non-spammy gift suggestions with product pictures and links to your website.

Offer valuable holiday specials:

Specials such as deals, coupons and freebies are valuable extras for consumers, and if done correctly, it can certainly be a win-win. It is important to offer coupons and deals that will save the purchaser some money while also making you some money. For the freebies and giveaways, you can offer holiday-inspired items such as calendars, magnets and Christmas cards to a select few in exchange for them signing up for your newsletter or re-tweeting and sharing your content.

There is a lot of earning potential during the holidays and beyond when it comes to social media – it is important to listen to your audience and deliver what they want in ways that they can’t say no to.

One thought on “How to Effectively Plan your Christmas Social Media Strategy

  1. Hi Lindsey,

    I could not agree with you more. In the run up to Christmas, and to add measurable value to businesses there is nothing like Online Marketing
    (i.e. Digital Marketing).

    In today’s busy world, where the pleasure of going to a mall and spending time shopping is often a guilty luxury Online purchases are growing exponentially. E-Commerce does add huge $$ value to business during the Christmas season.

    To drive such earnings, a Online Marketing strategy that is well planned and executed is an absolute must. Its shortsighted to do otherwise.

    I love the logical approach you have when indicating what should go into the planning of a successful online marketing strategy.

    Planning the strategy, in time for successful implementation is an absolute must. Crafting great Blog post content, queuing the posts up,
    and scheduling these for publication on appropriate dates via your Blog site will definitely reduce marketing stress.

    Your view on Cross promotion of products or services is quite refreshing. Instead of opposing why not think big time – Affiliate income,
    due to cross promotions.

    To round off the online marketing strategy, having a well thought through holiday discount system in place well in advance is a winning approach.

    Thanks for sharing. I did enjoy reading this Blog post.


    Ivan Bayross

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