How to Secure Your VOIP Communications

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VOIP calling allows us to take measures to secure our communications previously unavailable with standard telephone calls. This article looks at some of the best strategies anyone can employ to keep unwanted invasion at bay.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is fast becoming the business communication standard for both office and business mobile calls and other communications. Video calling is something that everyone has wanted for a long time, and it is very easy to get used to. You can just do business better when you can communicate better and develop more intimate relationships. In business, security is always an issue. One of the biggest concerns when using VOIP phone systems is security. Because we are using the internet and software applications to communicate, we can apply our own tools and methods of security not available with normal phone calls. At the same time, because hackers are very adept at listening in on phone and video calls over the internet, for high-risk industries, privacy and security are real concerns. Here are some of the best tools you can use to protect your privacy while making VOIP communications


Encryption for VOIP calls is pretty simple. There is a huge range of tools and applications to encrypt VOIP calls and video calls. A strong internet connection is necessary because encryption means there will be more data sent. Some applications even have military-grade encryption technologies and use dedicated servers to control and manage all the calls and video calls.


VPN (Virtual Private Networks) cover your location and make it harder for someone to track your location. A VPN creates an artificial network and allows you to pretend to be in another location. This is not as sophisticated as encryption but is a good option to add to your encryption. VPN applications are available at very low costs, and you can select the IP address you wish to use. Many people use VPNs to access Facebook and Twitter in China, for example.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a technology that checks you are actually connecting with the person you are intending to. This technology will also slow down your internet connection. This is highly recommended for all business users.


SRTP (Secure Real Time Protocol) is used by many VOIP applications. Skype, for example, has its own encryption and tracking to ensure you are connecting to who you want. The best VOIP applications will have this amount of security. You should check all details with your application supplier and supplement this security measure with the three above.

While using the internet puts us at some risk, the risk is much lower than making standard phone calls because we can have some measure of control over security. This is not possible with old-fashioned phone calls and standard communications.

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  1. Hi Sachin! Really good recommendations. My company has just established VOIP communication and this post is very timely. Thanks.

  2. VOIP has been awesome for our company, especially video calls with clients who are scattered across the country. 5-10 years ago we would have had to fly in for a face to face meeting which not only took up our company’s resources but more importantly, our client’s time and resources. Luckily, we’ve implemented the above mentioned security tactics so thank you for the check list so we could double check we’re in the clear!

  3. Researchers and hackers are developing tools to execute a new data-leak threat: sneaking proprietary information out of networks by hiding it within VoIP traffic.

  4. VOIP is now very crucial for companies so is the security feature and with the help of these tool we can have both. Really you have shared a very informative and useful post. Thanks Sachin for your awesome post.

  5. Nice piece of information. I will surely make use of this for our company’s communication system!

  6. very informative article… VoIP has become the essential part of the communication media of every business. As there are long client talks and for that it is very cost effective. By using VoIP telephony, one can save upto 80% on the monthly phone bills.

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