Social Media Trends you Must Know and Trust

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Social media, today, is unarguably one of the most powerful platforms that are available for marketers. Investing the right vehicles to reach your market brings up the need for keeping self aware of the most useful and the most popular trends in social media. It will help you fetch the kind of results you expected or wanted.


If you’re a marketer vying to establish your brand in the social media market, here are a few trends in social media that you must know:

Social Media Sites Boast of Huge User Base

Now this is something we all are aware of but a point should be noted – more than 90 million users are currently registered on the social media sites. Social media users are increasing in number and it has been noticed that they primarily use social media sites for communicating with family and friends. Purpose of entertainment and pursuing career/business opportunities over and via social media follow. Hence, as a marketer, you must always be looking for newer clients.

Target The Ones On Top – Who Are They?

This may appear controversial but without getting into arguments, it can be concluded that twitter and facebook are undoubtedly the biggest social media marketing networks online. However, facebook enjoys a better legacy in this context since more than 85% of the clients intend to know whether your brand is levitating in the Facebook world too. However, twitter is one social media site that leads in terms of engaged users. This is the reason why most of the businesses and brands are keen on investing in ads on twitter.

People Interested in Following Brands

According to a recent survey, now more and more people prefer following brands over social media networks. This has also bridged the gap between the marketers and consumers who can take their pick anytime and anywhere. This also indicates that the number of consumers becoming familiar with brands and companies over social media platforms should be on the rise. They not only follow their favorite brands but also share the information released by companies making broadcasting over social media platforms easier and better.

Few Social Media Users Are ‘Not-so-social’

If surveys in the social media market are to be believed, it can be seen that there are more than 35% of social media users who don’t socialize on these platforms easily. They only read and fetch information and hardly feel the need to share or re-post anything. When it comes to social media, they are ‘quiet’. As a marketer who is also an opportunist, you must not ignore this huge and promising market. Focus on initiating topics that can fuel their imagination and spark their interest.

Mobile Takes Over PC Usability

Now more and more consumers are making use of their tablets and smartphones for accessing social media sites. There seems to be a dramatic boost of 65% in terms of mobile internet usability when it comes to accessing social media profiles, connecting with brands, following them or merely reading their latest updates. Youth, business executives and entrepreneurs are more hooked onto their mobile apps and websites and turning on the laptop just seems to be little more painful in every random hour.

Social Media Care – You Will Find Sentiment Rich Data Here

According to an interesting finding, it was concluded that more than 72% of social media users felt excited and energized during their time spent online. Marketers have all the reasons to believe that impression on consumers contribute in boosting feedback and sales to a positive scale. So, if you know you’re going to promote your brand, first know how you’re going to do it!

Deep analysis of social media trends can have a direct impact on your revenue and brand building. Even though the trends in social media change quickly, these are actionable!

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  1. It is absolutely clear that social media sites are very important and playing vital role to get good figure of traffic as well as to advertise any brand, company or product. In this scenario your shared points are very important to learn about the technicalities of social media trend’s importance. I will say social media is essential now for every type of online business.

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