Five Tips on Social Media Use for Business

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Social media is your online presence to find, engage and keep your customers. It’s best to have or develop a social media marketing strategy. If you need help getting started, Marketo has a template called, “Your 2013 Social Media Tactical Plan,” that you may customize for your business. The plan features the basic objectives you should have for the different social media websites and the key metrics that you should track for each. It is free to download.


Here are five tips for using social media to enhance your online business presence based on the two most popular social media websites: Facebook and Twitter.


#1. With 750,000,000 members commenting 3.2 billion times a day, creating and maintaining a Facebook business page is essential. Your posts should be geared towards your customers. They should be engaging, conversational, and if you can, try to include pictures and videos. You can plan and schedule your post to display on your page at a certain day and time. Post an entry 1 to 2 times a week. eMarketer reported on a study conducted by SocialVibe that found “one-third of US Internet users who had ended a social connection with a brand did so because the company simply posted too many updates.”

#2. Learn and use Facebook Page Insights. It gives you details about the performance of your Facebook page. You can learn about how your page performs, posts that were the most effective, how to get to know your audience better and much more. You can learn more about Page Insights by browsing the Product Guide for Facebook Page Owners.

#3. Facebook has 200 million people accessing Facebook from their cell phones. If your business is brick and mortar meaning you have a physical location, adding your business to Facebook’s Nearby mobile app will increase your exposure. From their phones, consumers may search for a category such as restaurants and see all the restaurants in their vicinity. Update your “About” section with an address and category, and your business will be automatically listed in Nearby. Once you are listed in Nearby, create a Check-in Deal which offers a discount or in some way rewards a customer for checking into your business. Once someone checks-in, all their friends will be notified.


Twitter has 500 million users worldwide and 400 million tweets per day. If your business does not have a Twitter account, you are missing a lot of exposure. Your business will have a stronger online presence if you are being followed. Having followers in Twitter means you have people interested in your product or service and wish to keep up with you.

#4. Devin Desjarlais, social media manager at Max Borges Agency recommends “Try[ing] to tweet at least five times per day and dedicate one or two of those tweets to sending users back to your company’s website. Schedule those posts between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. EST on the weekdays for the most engagement.”

#5. List your business on Twellow. Twellow is Twitter’s version of the Yellow Pages. It lists businesses and individuals in Twitter based on categories. Find the category which fits your business and add your business profile. If the category you need is not listed, request a new category by using the “Contact Us” page.

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  1. Social media is growing market. Most of business increasing their sales and services by using facebook and twitter. Today when you search on facebook for local buy and sell group pages you will find out how many people using facebook for buying and selling. We believe facebook will become more popular than ebay for buy and sell one day.

    1. I agree with you but i recommend to everyone try Facebook advertisement that is best way to get traffic and improve sales.

  2. Very useful!! Social Media is the most powerful way to make your website big!
    If you get it right most likely you will get what you want out of your website!
    Great article!

    Thanks Jenc!

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