7 Simple hacks to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

It drives people nuts when they find that despite working their tail off conversion rate of their website is as low as ever. They hire the best designer, change the interface, change the pricing of their products but nothing seems to work. Now, do not do anything stupid like banging your head against the wall […]

How to Boost sales via LinkedIn the most Convincing Way?

Today more and more customers are hopping on to LinkedIn to check on the businesses, brands or your services. In the marketing scenario where social media platforms like LinkedIn are a great way to connect with prospects, making your profile look sustainable for growth makes sense. What does your profile on LinkedIn say about you, […]

Things to consider while designing a responsive template

So, we have enough of this responsive design. For the last 3 years or so, we have been discussing about it and have seen how this design trend has transcended itself and expand its territory drastically. Responsive design is no longer restricted to few who have gone against the traditions of that time and advocated […]

The Web Typography Essentials

There is a great difference between a good page and a perfect page. The two may be having the same content, with the difference in appeal that plays an important role. Here, there are a few basics considered which have a deep impact on turning the page creative and attractive, with more traffic attracted to […]

Best Pricing Strategies You Must Know!

Pricing strategies straight away impact sales and growth of the business and with the increasing number of business professionals and entrepreneurs in the market, almost everyone seems to have a strategy of his/her own. It is important to first keep in mind that there is no single “right way” that can actually determine the pricing […]

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