Crafting The Best Android Application – Tips And Tactics

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Andy Rubin – The man who created Android had once mentioned about the fast growing nature of Android applications. According to the statistical data, Google gets above 850,000 activation’s each day and the total number of activated android devices is above 300 million. This figure clearly indicates the popularity of Android devices and the demand of this OS.


With a large OS consumption there is large App development demand. Many developers come up with Android Applications and there are large numbers of Android apps floating in the market, but all are not successful. It is important to consider certain things before strategizing the Android app development.

Tips To Create A Successful Android Application:

Choosing Appropriate Theme

While choosing a theme go in for the one which would be widely accepted like a global theme. Choose an appropriate theme based on the feel of your application. Select from light or dark themes accordingly.


There are numerous screen sizes for Android and the developer must ensure that the subject fits in every screen by using the “wrap content” or “fill parent” option in the xml one can alter the content of you app screen. Keep in mind that you are serving different screen sizes before developing an android application.


Make the use of runOnUiThread() to be sure that the code is running in the user interface. The application would show nothing to the users without a runOnUiThread().


For any Android application it is necessary to use selectors as the background and not to use the images. Android is an OS which has multiple states view and hence doing so the details would be displayed in all states.

Smooth Scrolling

Drawing the ListView is necessary. It enables faster loading of the contents while scrolling them.

DIP and PX

While crafting the best Android application, make the use of DIP instead of using the PX so that the margins and the padding looks the same on devices having different screen sizes and resolutions.


While developing the application, make sure you write quality codes.


After completing the application development don’t forget to test it. This would let you know about flaws if there are any in the application.

Get Feedback

Once the application released out for users, ask for feedback. Based on the feedback you can roll out the second version of application with improvement and changes.

There are a large number of Android App development companies working on these guidelines and creating unique and robust applications.

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