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Essential Information Systems Tools for Startups

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Information systems and technology are important aspects that need to be considered by startups.  The use of technology is vital to how startups are able to compete in the marketplace. There are many types of technologies available.


The types to use are based on factors that include cost, installation, learning curve, and availability.

Tablet Computers

Accessing information, playing media, and other functions no longer require a desktop computer set up in an office. Individuals who are on the go will benefit from using a tablet computer. A tablet can easily connect to an Internet network or a Wi-Fi hotspot when taken out of the office. Tablets can be purchased online for around $99 at the low end up to $300 or more for a high-end model.

Router or Gateway

A startup will need access to the Internet from a local phone or cable company. Internet access that will be used by multiple employees in an office will require a router or gateway modem. Routers are a good option if there is a dedicated computer already connected to the Internet. Gateway modems can be used by tablet computers or other devices to access the Internet without a dedicated computer. A startup may choose to use equipment provided by their Internet provider or pay around $100 from an online vendor.

The Cloud

This is an online service that is a great option for a startup. Many startups cannot afford to install or set up a server or build an internal network. Many features of a server can be found online using a cloud computing solution. One example of a cloud computing solution is to use services provided by Amazon. Their Amazon Web Services solution offers options that range from $0.06 per hour to $0.52 per hour. Amazon Web Services are used by many startups and large online companies.

Mobile Apps

There are many types of mobile applications that can be used by a startup to store and share data. Apps are available for free or for a small monthly fee. One app that is a great option to install on a tablet or a smartphone is Dropbox. Startups needing more than the 2GB limit provided with a free account can choose from 100GB, 200GB, or 500GB. Prices start at $9.99 per month. If a startup needs a way to share data with a group of employees, then Bump is available for free.


Printing in an office is typically done using a computer connected to a networked printer. However, the newer models of printers available today are wireless and can be connected to the Internet. Networking a printer is no longer necessary when printing can be done from a tablet or even a smartphone by using a mobile app. A standard wireless printer starts at about $100. Models that can be used with an internal network can cost up to $299 or more.

Social Media

This type of information system is crucial for marketing and promotion. The interactions that occur on social media make it a great communication tool. And one of the best features is that it’s free. A startup capable of using social media to expand their brand will have a greater chance of success. There is little cost involved other than the time to post updates and monitor customer interactions. Social media is a necessary tool to market products and services to the largest audience possible.

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