Social Media Tools that Promote Business Growth

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In our modern age and time businesses have inculcated a new medium of communicating and the new digital tool age that they engage in are enabling them to achieve increased efficiency by putting in minimal yet strategic efforts that have a long standing impact on their operations and value proposition and the tools that social media provides is adding productivity and helping businesses globally.


Gone are the days when social media was used mainly to chat, for today most businesses depend on this very important tool to communicate with existing and potential customers. So whether it may be finding prospective employees to generating and closing sales leads to aggressively employing social media to strengthen your consumer base this is a tool that helps you gain an increased understanding of what your target market desires.

Today for any business there is a wide range of social media tools to engage in, however what you eventually do decide to go with should be able to help you achieve your immediate goals and final solution as well as adapt with the individuality of your business proposition and distinctiveness. Also its imperative that you pay heed to tools that are reliable, efficient and offer security. What social media tool you pick that can revolutionize your business would depend on its relevance for your business.

If you are amongst those who have multiple LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts than using Hootsuite can be an awesome tool to save you from the baffling task of handling multiple accounts and reverting to people where needed.

Google Alerts is a very crucial and free tool that oversees the prominence of your online business and serves as a brilliant way to keep track of your brand so every time the Internet mentions you or your business Google mails you an alert. Out of the many wonders Google has to offer us all, you can’t miss their Hangout which is one the most amazing features that Google Plus has to offer for businesses which can enable you to video chat with almost 10 people and share documents simultaneously.

Posting videos these days is a great way to showcase your business by means of meticulously done videos as this enables you to generate new leads and also engage your existing consumers and what place to do it than on YouTube where people turn to for the most minuscule information. YouTube gives you an immediate assess to the millions of people that are tuned in every single minute.

Almost anyone who is someone is on Facebook these days. A Facebook page is a must have for all those who are looking to build their network, keep abreast with the latest trends and updates, be a part of intellectually stimulating groups and obtain visibility for your potential market. With over 900 million users this is one place you cannot afford to miss.

Speaking of misses, you can also not afford to miss those informative tweets of Twitter which help you to keep abreast with the latest global discussions, share your views and ideas on subjects that matter.

The lives that we lead are so inter twinned with the web presence that has scaled to greater heights in such a short span of time. Technological gadgets are today’s norms amongst the present generation and online platforms in the form of social media is the new comfort factor that all businesses thrive by. So all said and done coexisting with this unique lifestyle in the form of Social Media is needed to have a stand in this fierce competitive business world and stay at the nucleus of it all for if you are not in it you certainly are on your way out!!!

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  1. I personally agree with you that one should not ignore social media platforms to spread a word about the business. Personally I have been using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to spread a word about our business. If you make right use of all of the above said platforms, I think you are going to get more business leads. For example you can use in-mail feature of LinkedIn to send a introductory copy of your business to your target customers and all that can be done after joining groups which match to your needs.

  2. Social media is indeed part of almost every lives today. And with proper knowledge and skills, we can make the most out of this to earn and to keep in touch with the people all around the globe.

  3. social media tools are really too helpful as part of promotion,growth as well as learning to the exchange of views some time provide a better approach for growth a must read blog cheers

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