4 Golden Rules to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates

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Website conversion rate is earned, not awarded. It is a time-consuming, and very erratic process that one wrong move can get your customers to leave and never come back.


It is very easy to earn customer’s trust to get a lot of conversion rates. Just follow these golden rules to get what you want in no time.

Know your audience

To capture customers, a great business website should focus on improving customer service. A great business website will serve as a valuable resource to your visitors. With a customer-oriented website, you can have a problem-solving service in it so it can attract the customer’s interest. If the visitor wants more. Provide them additional information by letting them subscribe to a mailing list. In this way, you can also promote new products, send in tips, and other content customers will surely love.

If you already gained enough traffic, your next goal is to make your visitors get interested in you. These guidelines below are the key to getting customer’s interest.

Identify the target audience by showing to them that you care. Understand various approaches and learn more about the personalities of your visitors. Develop a friendly persona that can reflect to your customer’s attitudes and behaviors. Create an interesting content which will lead customers into solving the problem themselves.

Bring in motivation

When you bring in motivation, your potential customers are either trying to solve a problem, looking for other solutions other than their own, or just seeking for answers. The concept of motivation is easy. When people are not interested, they are not motivated. Which means they are not your potential customers. Each of the problem you have solved represents the number of audience experiencing a common problem. If you have identified the problem and provide an accurate solution for it, your customers are motivated to buy.

Let your customers decide

One way to help the customers decide is to create a solution to help them decide. Do not urge your customers to buy a product or service, just provide them options to help them decide.

Give your customers what they want After the customers decide and know that your product is what they need, make sure it gives them what you promised. If your solution misses some of the important aspects that they have come to you for, you are going to have a problem. You need to give the customers what they want based on what you have promised.

Analyze customer experiences

You would not know if your product is working to your customers or not if you don’t analyze your customers. They are very sensitive to every detail that sometimes, even a failing shopping cart will turn a good customer experience from a bad one. Learn what your customers want and what you can do to them that will make your website attractive to them through analyzing the good, and even their bad experiences to your website. Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. Your Web hosting also plays a vital role in loading time of your site. Always opt for best web hosting which will guaranteed improve your website loading time by great extent.

These golden rules are an effective way to boost customer conversion rates.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the tips Tom. Using attractive banners and graphics as “Call To Action” also helps in improving conversion rates.

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